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Capital Markets for Geologists Short Course (2019 AME Roundup), January 26-27, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Vancouver Convention Centre East

Joe will participate of this two day course presented by geologists/engineers who have accumulated decades of experience in mining and mineral exploration and have successfully applied those experiences to the capital markets. It provides a unique perspective of the finance industry and will offer an introduction to the “business side of mining” to anyone interested in the connection between corporate finance, investment banking, mineral exploration and mining. Attendees will be given the opportunity to evaluate a hypothetical project using discounted cash flow modeling and present their findings. This course is ideally suited for geologists, engineers or geophysicists that would like to know more about the capital markets and how it pertains to the mining industry. Geoscientists with a goal of working in the capital markets, investment banking, corporate development and those with an entrepreneurial spirit who may eventually want to run a company would find this course very interesting. There is no minimum level of experience required, however attendees should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel for the valuation workshop on day 2. To register, click here or on the banner.

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