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Exploration Insights Owner’s Manual

Welcome. To get the most out of Exploration Insights I feel it is very important for you to understand what this letter is, and what it is not.

I have always felt that the most legitimate (and honest) investment advice I could receive from any advisor would be based on what said advisor is actually buying or selling with his or her money. Therefore, this letter is about what I am doing with my money in the junior mining and exploration sector. The only compensation I receive is from subscribers and the money I make on my investments.

Because EI is about my money, I take a very cautious approach to what is inherently a very risky investment sector. Nonetheless, exploration and mining are subject to sudden and unforeseen events that can rapidly turn a gain into a sizeable loss. You should only speculate in this sector with money of which you can afford to lose a substantial portion.

It is most important to note that the EI portfolio is not a "buy" list. The portfolio merely tracks our investments. Therefore, the investment thesis for inclusion in the portfolio is based on the price and circumstances that existed at the time of purchase. These circumstances change over time, and all of my updated observations are available in the archived letters (which are accessible to paid subscribers). When we do add a company to the portfolio we then follow its progress, constantly evaluating results against our expectations. If a stock has remained in the portfolio, that is because I still believe there is upside, or that our cost basis is low enough that we can afford the risk. In the January 9, 2011 issue we reviewed all of the stocks in the portfolio and laid out some expectations. On June 19th, 2011 we reviewed the portfolio again, reflecting on the increased global risks to major markets and how they could affect our small portfolio. Again, read these issues and use the archived letters to gain knowledge about this sector.

Ultimately, investment decisions should be based on your investment criteria, goals, risk tolerance and, of course, your financial situation—not mine. My investment decisions are based on 32 years working as a geologist in the mining industry and more recently in the investment side of the junior mining market. That is our edge here. I do not “play” the rumors or next hot thing, and I do base mining investments on detailed analysis of hard data. I prefer to own a few solid companies and to know more about these companies and their assets than anyone else. It is truly all about Turning Rocks into Money, and with every property we buy in to there has to be the potential of economic viability commensurate with the risk.

My ultimate goal with EI is to not only to help us all make money, but also to provide you with useful knowledge that will assist you in your own research into this sector while avoiding serious losses. My advice to new subscribers is to use EI as a research tool; look through the archives and take your time. There is no urgency to buy something today--there are always new companies and projects-- we are after the best price, not any price. This is a slow pitch ball game with no called strikes.

I am here to help. Please send an email if there are subjects or a stock on which you may need some elaboration. However, please bear in mind that I cannot provide personal investment advice, nor is there time to offer detailed analysis of each subscriber’s portfolio. Likewise, remember that there are over 1,400 mining and exploration companies listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange alone, exploring over 10,000 properties across the globe. No one can know all of these companies-- our job is to know just a few well enough to make money.

Paid subscribers receive an email notifying them whenever a newsletter is posted, generally every weekend (travel schedule permitting). The email will contain a password-protected link which can be used to access the letter either via our website or our mobile site. If there is no weekend letter, we will send a note to that effect. Additionally, if there is company news requiring immediate action or commentary, an Alert may be posted to the site. If so, we will once again notify subscribers by email. Please note that you may access new letters or the entire Archive of letters at any time, using your username and password.

That’s the way I see it.

Brent Cook

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