Interviews and Appearances

The Korelin Economics Report
In the first two segments of the show Al Korelin and Brent discuss the overall resource market for exploration companies, then get into some zinc and gold explorers that Brent likes.
March 24, 2017
"Brent Cook on the changing landscape for exploration companies"
Investing News Network
Charlotte McLeod talked with Joe about the reasons major miners’ gold reserves are declining, and they also discuss a commodity that is not in Exploration Insights radar.
March 10, 2017
"Exploration-stage Gold Plays are the Place to Be"
Commodity -TV
March 09, 2017
"Expecting Deflation Until Summer, Good Opportunity Afterwards"
Minaurum God
Sunny Pannu interviews Joe and they discuss moving upstream in the precious and base metal mining sector.
March 09, 2017
"Finding That Lottery Ticket Discovery"
Kitco NEWS
Money is flowing back into the mining industry, but investors need to do their due diligence when picking mining companies, warns Brent Cook. Speaking with Kitco News at the PDAC convention, he said it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, or as he put it, “facts from alternative facts.”
March 09, 2017
"Mining Investors, Watch Out For 'Alternative Facts'"
Kitco NEWS
These were two issues discussed between Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone and Exploration Insights’ Joe Mazumdar during the PDAC convention in Toronto.
March 06, 2017
"Production is declining and miners aren’t replacing reserves"
BNN Market Call Tonight
The annual BNN Market Call Tonight Q&A during PDAC with Ctaherine Murray, including a review of last year’s top picks and presenting this year’s.
March 06, 2017
"Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar take viewer questions on the Junior Mining Sector"
Sprott Money
Shrinking exploration budgets, production, and reserves will drive metal prices up as demand strengthens.
March 02, 2017
"Gold Fundamentals Strong As PDAC Looms"
Mining Clips
Hosted by Leslie Stokes and with guest appearance by Jeff Reeder from Duran Ventures Inc. What to look for in the future: three geologists' big-picture perspective on three district-scale plays.
February 24, 2017
"At the Bar with Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp, VRIC 2017"
Junior Stock Review
Brian Leni interviews Brent: "I recently had the opportunity to ask Cook some questions about the current gold market, and how he thinks the average investor can tilt the odds in their favour when buying companies in the junior resource sector." Clear, concise, informative.
February 14, 2017
"Insights on the Resource Market with Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar"
Joe talks to Mariana Resources Ltd.'s COO Eric Ross about the Hot Maden deposit in Turkey.
February 02, 2017
"Mariana Resources is just too good to sell"
Joe talks to Michael Byron, CEO and President of Nighthawk Gold Corp., about the company's projects in the Northwest Territories of Canada.
February 02, 2017
"Why Nighthawk Gold holds one of Canada's most promising gold projects"
The Korelin Economics Report
Segment 8: Recorded live from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, Brent and Joe discuss with Cory Fleck the opportunities they see for investors in the resource sector.
January 28, 2017
"The best thing about your letter is that you are not afraid to say SELL"
Cordoba Minerals is a Colombian copper and gold explorer backed by Robert Friedland and led by CEO Mario Stifano. VP Exploration Chris Grainger tells Joe Mazumdar all about about it.
January 25, 2017
"Ace Analyst Joe Mazumdar Kicks Tires on Cordoba Minerals at Roundup 2017"
Brent investigates SolGold, a company focused on the riches of the North Andean Copper Belt in Ecuador. The Company has announced several world class intersections of continuous copper and gold mineralisation from their flagship project Cascabel.
January 25, 2017
"Brent Investigates a Promising Find in Ecuador"