Interviews and Appearances
Mining Minutes with Alex Letourneau.
August 06, 2013
"Second Quarter Writedowns Worse Than We Thought"
July 02, 2013
"Brent speaks with Jay Taylor about mining stocks."
Cambridge House with Bridgette Anderson
May 29, 2013
"A Major Miner will go Broke Soon"
The Gold Report
May 20, 2013
"Brent Cook's Primer on Reading Drill Result Press Releases"
Brent speaks with Al Korelin
May 10, 2013
"Brent Cook emphasizes the future importance of project generators."
Interview with Tommy Humphreys
May 03, 2013
"A conversation that covers volatility, summer doldrums and the big picture for junior gold stocks."
April 10, 2013
"Much more consolidation is coming."
Future Money Trends
April 07, 2013
"Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp are interviewed."
YouTube-- Kitco News
At the Bar: Daniela Cambone speaks with Brent, Simon Ridgway, Doug Kirwin, Graham Brown et al. at PDAC
March 18, 2013
"600 Juniors to Disappear from Scene by June 2013"
BNN's Market Call Tonight
March 06, 2013
"Brent on Market Call Tonight"
Korelin Economics Report
Kereport-- Weekend Edition
March 02, 2013
"Segment 4-- Al speaks with Brent Cook and Simon Ridgway"
In association with the Financial Post
February 13, 2013
"Junior Golds: Clean Out Your Portfolio And Hunker Down In 2013"
Brent talks with Tommy Humphreys
February 11, 2013
"Risk, Honesty, And A Cutthroat Vancouver Junior Mining Scene."
SNNLive Wall Street View with Shelly Kraft
January 31, 2013
"Identifying the Right Properties"
Cambridge House Live (YouTube)
Brent speaks with Bridgette Anderson at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
January 25, 2013
"One third of junior miners are going to go away"