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Stock News Now (
Brent talks with Shelly Kraft at the Cambridge House 2012 Palm Springs
April 19, 2012
"Effects Producing Major Mining Companies Have on Junior Resource Sector"
Brent speaks with Dominic Frisby of the GoldMoney Foundation.
April 11, 2012
"How to play the gold mining sector."
The Ellis Martin Report
Ellis Martin interviews Brent.
March 31, 2012
"The state of the precious metals market as well as acquisition strategies for major players in mining. Where are the opportunities?"
The Gold Report
Brian Sylvester interviews Brent.
March 28, 2012
"Fatal Flaws and Opportunities in Gold Investing"
Kitco News
Brent speaks with Daniela Cambone and Mickey Fulp in Toronto
March 12, 2012
"At the bar-- PDAC"
BNN Market Call Tonight
Brent speaks with Mark Bunting.
March 07, 2012
"Junior Mining Stocks and Commodities- Part 1"
Korelin Economics Report
Segment 7- Al Korelin speaks with Brent
February 25, 2012
"Brent discusses his recent trip to the Middle East"
The Korelin Economics Report
Brent talks with Al Korelin
February 18, 2012
"At the California Resource Investment Conference"
At the California Investment Conference-- "Calling a spade a spade."
February 16, 2012
"Two geologists and a reporter walk into a bar... Indian Wells, California"
Financial Sense
Brent speaks with Jim Puplava
February 06, 2012
"Why Junior Mining Stocks Represent the Best Value in the Gold Mining Space"
Kitco Video News
Vancouver, January 2012
February 03, 2012
"Two geologists and a reporter walk into a bar... Vancouver"
Mining Markets
Brent speaks with Alisha Hiyate
January 26, 2012
"Brent Cook sees opportunity in junior mining rout."
Cambridge House Live
Brent talks with Bridgette Anderson at Cambridge House, Vancouver
January 23, 2012
"Exploration Insights"
The Korelin Economics Report Weekend edition
December 31, 2011
"Brent looks towards 2012-- segment 6."
Kitco Gibson Capital
At the New Orleans Investment Conference
November 30, 2011
"The dichotomy of metal prices and the stock market."