"Thank you Joe and Brent for facilitating brief discussions about other than portfolio companies, etc. while we wait for news events and time to play out in the core holdings...really adds yet another great dimension to the service. Much appreciated."

Subscriber R.K., January 2017
United States
"I have listened to the interviews given by Joe since he joined Exploration Insights. He is fantastic and articulates very well and addresses the most important and relevant issues. Most Mining companies call it an ‘accretive acquisition’ even when they acquire a dud. But this truly is an ‘accretive acquisition’. After all, how many companies you can analyse, visit and do the DD. There is a limit to the human potential. Definitely, you needed help and with him there is no learning curve. He will sprint from day 1."

"Very happy with what I see in your service. Thanks. I think that I used to subscribe to you guys back in the early 2000s when I started investing in junior miners. Being older, I can't afford any mistakes this round. Happy to pay for your service. Cheap insurance when you look at the dollars that I have invested in this space. Complementary to other services that I am taking that use other methods when they analyze mining companies. I like the fact that you guys are field savvy."

Subscriber M.P.G.
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"Brent and Joe, Great dissection of the Cardinal announcement! As a layman I was unable to make much meaning out of their report. I appreciate your keen professionalism and ability to cut through the obfuscation to find and present the harsh reality of what low grade and complex metallurgy can do to the economics of an ore resource. Much appreciated, thank you!"

Subscriber M. L., November 2016
"Brent is the best in the business. The investing public may not know it but his colleagues in the industry do. He is the most feared and respected analyst in the business and his newsletter is worth it."

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“My background is in owning and managing forest and farmland.  A few years ago decided to add a third leg to stuff growing on the land with stuff in the ground.  I quickly learned that exploring and developing mineral deposits was way more risky and complicated.  It’s part rocket science, part roulette, and part hot air claims.  It was an easy and necessary decision to use the services of Brent who has the specialized geological knowledge to help sort out where the real opportunities might be.  Keep up the great professional work.”

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"Enjoyed the latest newsletter a great deal, especially the quip about the solitude app. For what it is worth, due much to the education I've received through subscribing to EI I've not just made money through your advice but have ingrained the lessons on selectivity in order to make better decisions. Case in point, last Thursday I saw the results come out on Colorado Resources and was able to pick it up early in the day."

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"I can't think of any better newsletter in the gold exploration space than yours. It's an incredible body of work...thanks again!"

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"I have found that this, and other recent issues of Exploration Insights have been extremely valuable in helping me understand some of the hugely different valuations of different ore deposits. Very few brokers or newsletter writers seem to have much of a clue as to the economics of ore deposits, and as an investor I have in the past been prey to their enthusiastic promotions. You're helping me to wise-up!" 

Subscriber M. L.
"There's nothing quite like Exploration Insights - look forward to reading every new issue that comes out. As an engineer with a strong business interest, I appreciate how Brent blends in science, engineering, business and politics to help us subscribers understand why a particular deposit has a chance of becoming an economic deposit. I've subscribed to other newsletters and feel that Brent does the best job of giving us the ability to make an informed decision. I also thoroughly enjoyed geology in high school but have never had the time to build on that - the confluence of managing my investments more closely and believing that commodities and metals are a part of wisely managing our savings that led me to this newsletter. Keep up the good work."

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