"Brent and Joe, I would like to compliment you on what is probably the most scientifically sound and pragmatic news-letter."

Subscriber P.H.
At the risk of sounding patronizing, this week's EI is the best issue of a junior mining newsletter ever published, in my opinion--which, as you know, is the only opinion I care about!

Rick Rule, in reference to our August 1, 2016 issue
"Thanks for the Orezone analysis. It was a great read. Your newsletter is certainly in a league of its own."

Subscriber L.S., August 2016
"Thank you Joe and Brent for facilitating brief discussions about other than portfolio companies, etc. while we wait for news events and time to play out in the core holdings...really adds yet another great dimension to the service. Much appreciated."

Subscriber R.K., January 2017
United States
I thought that I'd write to you [Joe] and Brent and say thanks a lot - I bought some Mariana resources when I took out my subscription with EI a month or so ago. I have more than paid for my subscription and then some...Thanks for the great research.

Subscriber N.Z., April 2017
By the way great job on making Explorations Insights much more than a junior exploration newsletter. Subscribers appreciate giving some space to majors and royalties to get a more comprehensive look at the mining space.

Sunscriber N.V., June 2017
"I have listened to the interviews given by Joe since he joined Exploration Insights. He is fantastic and articulates very well and addresses the most important and relevant issues. Most Mining companies call it an ‘accretive acquisition’ even when they acquire a dud. But this truly is an ‘accretive acquisition’. After all, how many companies you can analyse, visit and do the DD. There is a limit to the human potential. Definitely, you needed help and with him there is no learning curve. He will sprint from day 1."

"Very happy with what I see in your service. Thanks. I think that I used to subscribe to you guys back in the early 2000s when I started investing in junior miners. Being older, I can't afford any mistakes this round. Happy to pay for your service. Cheap insurance when you look at the dollars that I have invested in this space. Complementary to other services that I am taking that use other methods when they analyze mining companies. I like the fact that you guys are field savvy."

Subscriber M.P.G.
United States
"Brent and Joe, Great dissection of the Cardinal announcement! As a layman I was unable to make much meaning out of their report. I appreciate your keen professionalism and ability to cut through the obfuscation to find and present the harsh reality of what low grade and complex metallurgy can do to the economics of an ore resource. Much appreciated, thank you!"

Subscriber M. L., November 2016
"I can't think of any better newsletter in the gold exploration space than yours. It's an incredible body of work...thanks again!"

Subscriber S. B.
United States