“I always read Brent’s letter as soon as it arrives. Not only is he clearly knowledgeable about the economics of geology, but he has a broader appreciation of market factors, including geopolitics and sentiment.  This makes his conclusions all the more compelling.  Much, much more than a stock recommendation service, Brent is educational and erudite, writing in an interesting (and frequently amusing) manner.  I wouldn’t miss it.”

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"First let me say how much I admire your work and appreciate your newsletter.  It is great to have such a knowledgeable ally help navigate these treacherous markets.  I think a major strength of your approach (especially now) is your rigorous standards and selectivity.  Keep up the great (not good) work."

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"I have found that this, and other recent issues of Exploration Insights have been extremely valuable in helping me understand some of the hugely different valuations of different ore deposits. Very few brokers or newsletter writers seem to have much of a clue as to the economics of ore deposits, and as an investor I have in the past been prey to their enthusiastic promotions. You're helping me to wise-up!" 

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"There's nothing quite like Exploration Insights - look forward to reading every new issue that comes out. As an engineer with a strong business interest, I appreciate how Brent blends in science, engineering, business and politics to help us subscribers understand why a particular deposit has a chance of becoming an economic deposit. I've subscribed to other newsletters and feel that Brent does the best job of giving us the ability to make an informed decision. I also thoroughly enjoyed geology in high school but have never had the time to build on that - the confluence of managing my investments more closely and believing that commodities and metals are a part of wisely managing our savings that led me to this newsletter. Keep up the good work."

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"The best geology based gold stocks subscription newsletter by a mile. The top industry pros all read Brent Cook. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny. I learn more from Brent than anyone else."

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"Thanks so much for your level-headed assessment, very hard work visiting these properties and vast geological knowledge with the ability to put it all together."

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"I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years. I believe Brent is one of the most, if not the most honest newsletter writers covering the junior exploration sector. EI is one of the few places to get non-biased and fair coverage of these risky plays. Combined with Brent's experience and knowledge, I can't think of a comparable newsletter."

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"I watched your presentation (video and Q&A) at the recent Kitco E-conference. I thought the video of your site visit was excellent. It was really instructive for me to visualise the remoteness of locations where exploration activity usually takes place, and even more-so to see how you as a geologist go about trying to build a picture of how an area is mineralised and whether an economic deposit may be present. It makes me value my subscription to your newsletter all the more! Investing/speculation in this sector is risky. Doing so without the guidance of an honest and competent geologist such as yourself is crazy IMO. So genuinely, sincere thanks for the excellent letter you write."

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"This is the kind thing that makes this letter so valuable: education; entertainment; science; Not 'just about making money'. And it has paid its own way in terms of economic gain vs. subscription cost.
Thanks !!!"

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"Brent is remarkable; his newsletters are well written, interesting, informed, informative and educational. He encourages the reader to become better informed and able to make informed decisions. The Portfolio is well chosen, I make money and I am well pleased."

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