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"I have known Brent for about ten years.  We first met on a property visit in Chile where I watched him go through a very methodical property evaluation.  I was impressed with both his knowledge and level of integrity. Since that time I have had him on my radio program numerous times because of the value his commentary gives my listeners.  He has also appeared on numerous panels which I have moderated at various investment conferences throughout North America and he provides great value there.  Brent is someone worth listening to."

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Korelin Economics Report

"As usual, I think you hit it just right.  I can see why the drilling to date is worrisome as it looks like the long intercepts are following the trend of an intersection of a favourable host and a mineralizing structure."

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"Brent, I watched BNN last night and I just wanted you to know that out of most guests on Market Call you are the only one who calls things as they are, good or bad, and the only one with a practical knowledge in geology. Most of the other guests never talk against a company, are most of the time paid to promote stocks, and do not know a lot about geology, so they cannot make the difference between a big and a small system."

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