"For this old ‘wannabe-geologist’, I find your issues of Exploration Insights to be fascinating, and they make me ‘wannabe’ even more. Well written, concise, understandable, and interesting. Thanks for a great issue!"

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"Brent, This is an excellent review.  I normally do a lot of my own research and that way take responsibility for the results however there is so much new paper out there now that I have been overwhelmed with all the new 'stories' since 2005.  It is safe to say that I would not have had such a leg up on these stories without your reporting."

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"Brent, It’s amazing how you can take a long winded subject/science, and make it very palatable, in short order."

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"Awesome rant. You are following and presenting companies in a way that gives readers great ideas and much better understanding!!"

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