Mining Industry Insights
Mining and minerals exploration are tough businesses to succeed at. Rocks rarely behave as you would like or expect and costs are always more than projected. Making money in this industry, either through mining or investing, therefore requires continually updating your knowledge base with new technologies and science.
Exploration- It's All about Turning Rocks into Money
I've been in the exploration and mining business for 32 years, during which time my professional career has evolved from mapping and sampling into "turning rocks into money".
Nevada, Always Prospective for Gold Exploration
Nevada’s Basin and Range is one of the great metallogenic gold provinces of the world. Gold production from Nevada totals about 175 million ounces, while proven and probable reserves at existing operations exceed 70 million ounces.
Brent Cook Evaluates Yukon Gold Properties-- YouTube video
Please click on the title and then the links to watch and learn as Brent studies a gold exploration property in the Yukon.
Gold Miners and Explorers Face Serious Supply Problems
The major gold mining companies are facing a dilemma—declining production as the gold price is hitting record levels. Junior gold explorers are confronting a similar dilemma—fewer legitimate exploration properties with the real potential to host a major economic deposit.
A Modern Colombian Gold Rush
I believe it is one of the best new gold frontiers in the world, and plan to keep a close watch on companies and developments in the country for many years.
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