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To get the most out of Exploration Insights (EI), we feel it is very important for you to understand what our service is, and what it is not.

We believe that the most legitimate (and honest) investment advice one can get from an advisor is based on what he or she is personally buying or selling. Therefore, the EI Newsletter is about what we are doing with our money in the junior mining and exploration sector. The only compensation we receive is from our subscribers and the return we make on investments. Our only connection to companies is by their covering of our travel expenses on site visits, regardless of whether we choose to discuss the company or not.

We do not play the rumors or next hot thing, and base our mining investments on detailed analysis of hard data, preferring to own a few solid companies and know more about them and their assets than anyone else. It is truly all about Turning Rocks into MoneyTM, and with every project we buy into, there should be the potential of economic reward that exceeds its risk. Our ultimate goal is not only to realize gains, but also to provide you with useful knowledge that will assist your research in this sector while avoiding serious losses.

Because our money and reputation are on the line, we take a very cautious approach to what is inherently a very risky investment sector. Uncovering fatal flaws in the company’s projects, financials, and/or strategy is essentially how we mitigate our downside risk. Exploration and mining are subject to sudden and unforeseen events that can rapidly turn a gain into a sizeable loss. You should only speculate in this sector with money you can afford to lose and not your next rent payment. Ultimately, your buy and sell decisions should be based on your investment criteria, goals, risk tolerance and, of course, your financial situation.

Once we added a stock to the EI Portfolio, we continuously follow its progress, evaluating results against our expectations. As long as the stock remains in the portfolio, it means that we still believe there is upside, or that our cost basis is low enough to afford the risk. On occasion, a stock may be listed in the Open positions of the portfolio while we are waiting for the right price to sell. If that is the case, it will be noted in the comments section.

It is very important to note that the portfolio is not a buy list, it merely tracks our investments. Therefore, the thesis for the inclusion of a stock is based on the price and circumstances that existed at the time of purchase. The inevitable changes suffered by these circumstances over time are analyzed and collected in the Archives (which are accessible only to paid subscribers).

The Members Forum is a centralized space where subscribers can interact with us or other subscribers to discuss or ask questions about any junior mining companies, regardless of whether they are in the portfolio or not. The critical feature is the search function, which allows querying for any comments dating back to December 2015. The Comments section in each newsletter remains active and any comments posted there will get automatically linked to the Forum.

Lastly, we spend a good deal of our time on site visits. These are critical to assessing a mineral property's potential and its fatal flaws. In the Property Tours section, you can learn more about properties we have visited and on which we have formed an opinion, and you will get a general idea of what is involved in the process of vetting projects and companies.

Our advice to new subscribers is to use EI as a research tool; look through the archives and take your time. There is no urgency to buy something today—there are always new companies and project. We are after the best price, not any price. This is a slow pitch ball game with no called strikes.

We are here to help. Please, send an email if there are subjects or a stock on which you may need some elaboration. However, bear in mind that we can’t provide personal investment advice, nor is there time to offer detailed analysis of each subscriber’s portfolio. Likewise, remember that there are over 1,400 mining and exploration companies listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange alone exploring over 10,000 properties across the globe. We certainly don’t know all of them; our job is to know just a few well enough to make a profit.

To gain access to our subscriber-based content (latest Newsletter, Archives, Portfolio, Members Forum, and Property Tours), you can opt for either a monthly (US$140) or an annual (US$1,680) subscription. Monthly subscriptions are non-refundable and annual subscriptions are refundable on a pro rata basis.

Subscribers receive a weekly email (on Sundays) notifying them that a Newsletter has been posted on the website. We publish the newsletter weekly, 49 issues per-year on average—subject to travel/conference schedule and holidays. If there were news from companies that affect our investments, we also publish Alerts and let you know by email.

You will have the option of accessing the latest Newsletter or Alert  either by linking to the website or to our mobile site from the email or logging into the website using your username and password—be sure to save these.

All Newsletters, Alerts, and Portfolio positions (open and closed) since inception on April 2008, as well as the discussions in the Members Forum are searchable in the Archives.

Thank you for your interest in Exploration Insights, we look forward to becoming an important tool in your investment strategy toolbox.

That’s the way we see it,

Joe Mazumdar and Brent Cook

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