Independent. Unbiased. Technical.

Why Exploration Insights?

Independent. Unbiased. Technical.

The Exploration Insights (EI) Newsletter is a synergistic collaboration between veteran economic geologists and equity analysts Joe Mazumdar and Brent Cook offering the sophisticated speculator a strictly independent, unbiased, and technical analysis of the junior mining and exploration sector. Our sole purpose is helping our subscribers profit from their investments. Turning Rocks into Money™ is our motto.

We are not aware of another sector that provides the opportunity for the tenfold share price increases on penny stock investments offered by the junior mining and exploration market. The mining industry is extracting millions of ounces of precious and base metals at a rate that is surpassing global reserves, and producers are in dire need to replace them with economically viable discoveries.

Mineral deposits that provide double digit returns at current commodity price levels are rare. Looking for one is a risky, expensive, and time consuming process and finding it is a 1 in 10,000 occurrence; therefore, economic mineral discoveries can be exceptionally valuable.

Once a junior exploration or prospect generator company achieves a breakthrough, its share price and market capitalization can increase dramatically. That early-discovery, high-reward spot is currently EI’s focus.

Turning Rocks into Money™ requires an edge: the ability to differentiate empirically-backed facts from fiction, translate information and data into informed opinions, and select stocks that will provide gains and, more importantly, minimize losses.

The newsletter, published weekly, revolves primarily around our investments. The EI Portfolio contains about 20 holdings at any given time that are closely followed and evaluated to equip subscribers with information, both positive and negative, with which to make their investment decisions.

By subscribing to Exploration Insights, investors receive a rigorous, factual analysis of mining projects and companies based on more than six decades of combined industry-related experience (corporate, field, buy and sell side) in over 60 countries and supplemented by thorough on-site field evaluations. When speculating in this highly risky sector, there is no substitute for the expertise derived from years spent in the field and doing valuations to truly understand both the potential for a mineral discovery and the fatal flaws that make an economic project all but impossible.

We also make a point of covering topical themes that could impact the industry and/or our investments and interact with our subscriber via the Members Forum in a timely manner.

Exploration Insight is a subscriber-based business; there are no revenues derived from advertising, and the only compensation received from companies is to cover travel costs to visit their projects.

The website is also meant to inform and empower amateur speculators interested in more than the pursuit of a fast buck. The Articles and Media sections and our dedicated YouTube channel contain a wealth of freely available content including articles written by Brent, Joe, and other respected colleagues, as well as interviews, conferences’ presentations, and videos that further the understanding of EI’s investment and analysis paradigm.

For those interested in learning more about the “art” of exploration geology, the EI School section contains a compendium of geology and mining topics written by Brent, titled Geo-Insights, numerous scientific papers, and links to two handy tools: the Drillhole Interval Calculator and a Mining Dictionary.

Lastly, the Appearances tab is updated often as Joe and Brent are constantly on the move presenting at premier mining investment conventions around the globe.

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Thanks for your interest in Exploration Insights, we wish you luck in your investments.

That’s the way we see it,

Joe Mazumdar and Brent Cook

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