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    The Korelin Economic Report's Weekend Show - Investing In Resource Stocks

    In segments 3 and 4, Joe weighs in on the Calibre Mining merger with Marathon Gold, the health of precious metals stocks, overall valuations, and critical mineral stocks vs precious metal stocks.

    Cameco Buys Uranium, Centrals Banks Buy Gold, Blackrock Buys Miners, Resource Talks with Antonio Atanasov

    In the first hour of this interview with Antonio Atanasov of Resource Talks, Joe tackles #gold #goldstocks #firstquantum and #blackrock

    Expert Junior Mining Sector Insights with Pro Investor Joe Mazumdar (risks & opportunities)

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights provides expert junior mining sector analysis of the current risks and opportunities for resource investors.  Joe is co-editor and analyst at Exploration Insights.  Joe has an extensive, multi-decade background in working for both mining companies and the financial institutions that cover and invest in mining equities.  He possesses an excellent understanding of geology, the process of exploration and development, and what it takes to run and finance a mining company.

    Weekend Show – A Focus On Investing In Resource Stocks With Joe Mazumdar and Matt Geiger

    In segments 1 and 2, Joe recaps the investment conference in Beaver Creek and then focuses on the investment angle for development companies and which exploration companies will make it out of the bear market.

    Kitco Mining at the Precious Metals Summit 2023

    The spike in oil prices does not bode well for gold miners, according to Joe Mazumdar, who noted that prices are up due to policy actions by Russia and China, and production cuts by OPEC+. "[It's] making it harder for [gold miners] to show decent cash flow for probably the second half of this year,". The junior gold miners have generally fallen out of favor, noted Brent Cook. "News releases are having minimal positive effects, if at all," "It's negative more often than not because people in the sector...they're just looking for an out. It's such an illiquid market right now," he said, noting that investors can sell against the good news to exit their position.

    Mining Insights: Rocks, Risks, and Returns | Ask the Expert With Guest Joe Mazumdar

    In today’s Ask the Expert episode, host Craig Hemke and special guest Joe Mazumdar delve into the economy, precious metals, and mining shares. They discuss the challenges faced by mining companies, such as rising energy costs, margin compression, and potential amendments to the 1872 Mining Act. 

    GOLD: Things You SIMPLY NEED To Know | Joe Mazumdar

    There is a lot going on in the world of mining. What are some of the key trends? Guest Joe Mazumdar provides the most comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the mining sector that you can currently find on the internet. This is required viewing for all mining investors.

    Joe Mazumdar: Mining Sector Finance Trends — Who's Getting Funded and How?

    Much more was covered in this interview than could be fit in the title. Aside from resource sector finance trends, Joe talks about this year's wildfire season, direct #lithium extraction, and deep-sea #mining.

    Focus on Alpha When Looking for Opportunity in the Junior Mining Sector: Joe Mazumdar

    Editor of Exploration Insights Joe Mazumdar thinks that investors might be better served seeking alpha in the junior mining space by taking the time to carefully research companies and looking for quality above all. Joe gives his thoughts on the mining space overall, as well as honing in on copper, uranium, gold, and silver.

    ‘Five years from now, copper prices are materially higher’ - Rule and Mazumdar

    Investing in battery metals remains a challenge, but copper will do well in virtually every scenario, say Rick Rule and Joe Mazumdar.

    Copper's Demand Problem w/Joe Mazumdar

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights joins the podcast for a general discussion on the exploration sector, specifically in copper. The price of Dr. Copper continues to be pushed lower. Joe talks about the weakness in demand, especially after a China reopening.

    Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show – Joe Mazumdar – Markets and Metals Commentary For The Active Investor

    With the first half of 2023 behind us, the major surprises are the strength of the US markets and the US economy. On Segments 2 and 3 of this Weekend’s Show, Joe looks at development-stage companies and the potential for M&As to pick up.

    Flawed Road to a Carbon-Neutral Economy - Presentation at THE Mining Investment Event of the North 2023

    In this presentation, I focus on the hurdles faced by the critical minerals industry and the rough path to carbon neutrality.

    Lithium still works - Exploration Insights' Joe Mazumdar on the critical metals upside

    While some types of lithium mining can be relatively easy, processing the ore can be a challenge, said Joe Mazumdar, editor and analyst of Exploration Insights. Mazumdar spoke to Kitco in mid-May. Mazumdar surveyed the different types of lithium projects: brines, clays and hardrock. He noted that clay projects can be challenging. "Clay has been held back a while not because of the mining, but because of the metallurgy," said Mazumdar, noting that it may be easy to find clay deposits, but lithium is bound to the rock in "...a way that makes it harder to actually extract so it's going to drive up costs." Mazumdar noted that lithium prices dropped substantially in 2023, but the selloff has not been surprising. Battery-grade lithium carbonate prices tumbled 72% after China curbed EV subsidies in January, noted Reuters. "Everybody I talked to when I was looking at lithium last year was expecting a drop in the lithium carbonate-equivalent prices and that happened—probably a little bit more severe than some people thought," said Mazumdar, adding that lithium still looks good since the energy transition is still in early innings. Mazumdar noted that large lithium projects in the United States, such as Lithium Americas, has a funding advantage over precious metals due to government support and automakers investing in the sector to secure supply. Earlier this year, Ford made a $650 million investment in Lithium Americas, which is advancing its Thacker Pass project in Nevada.

    0:20 - Does lithium still have upside for investors.

    1:22 - Types of lithium projects: brines, clays and hardrock.

    2:50 - Nevada's importance to lithium in the U.S.

    7:28 - Hardrock lithium survey.

    10:30 - Why logistics matters more for lithium projects.

    13:30 - Financing advantages for critical metal companies.

    Required Viewing for GOLD & SILVER Investors | Joe Mazumdar

    Guest Joe Mazumdar provides the most comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the mining sector that you can currently find on the internet. This is required viewing for all mining investors.

    Expert Junior Mining Sector Analysis with Pro Investor Joe Mazumdar (risks & opportunities)

    Joe provides expert junior mining sector analysis of the current risks and opportunities, commentary on the newly approved Mexican mining reforms as well as Chile’s lithium mining policy, and his thoughts on Glencore’s bid for Teck Resources. He also discusses whether the financing window is open for juniors now and describes a common mistake he sees resource investors making.

    Copper Rush? 2023 M&A Coming in Hot After Busy 2022
    Joe Mazumdar: Increasingly Bullish on Copper, Permitting a Big Supply Problem - Investing News Network

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights shares his thoughts on the copper market, focusing on how permitting is a major issue when it comes to bringing enough supply online. This interview was filmed on March 6, 2023. Link to article mentioned by Joe: Link to Joe's INN interview on financings:

    Prices Are Going To Go Up, Gold & Copper | Brent Cook

    Macro trends dictate where we are putting our money these days. In this interview, Brent discusses his top stock picks, jurisdictions & price developments. 

    Commodity Investment Ideas for 2023 with Joe Mazumdar, Resource Talks

    Joe sat down with Antonio for a conversation on what his best commodities investment ideas are for 2023. They talked copper, uranium, lithium, nickel, and other commodities that Joe is invested in, the mistakes he made last year, and the risk of investing in the commodity market. He focuses on royalty companies when he wants to lower his risk of exposure to one particular commodity, but royalty generators are not without risk either.

    A Chinese-Fueled Copper Surge, Mining Stock Daily

    Update on the copper market. 

    I See Great Opportunity in Gold & Silver Mining Stocks Right Now: Brent Cook

    Economic geologist Brent Cook joins the show to explain why he thinks gold and silver mining stocks, particularly in the exploration sector, are undervalued at the moment.

    Outlook On Copper & Gold In 2023 – With Joe Mazumdar

    Joining us on the Daily Dive this afternoon is Joe Mazumdar, Editor, Analyst and Publisher of Exploration Insights. Joe sits with us today to talk about his—well—exploration insights for 2023, particularly on copper and gold. He also shares his thoughts on how he sees M&A activity going this year.

    Commodity Supercycle Assured Due to Supply-side Underinvestment explains Analyst Joe Mazumdar

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights explains why the supply-driven commodity supercycle is easier to perceive than a demand-driven supercycle.  He reveals the commodity he is most-bullish on for 2023 and offers thoughts on where gold and silver might trade in 2023. Joe also shares where he is seeing value in the mining sector and offers one stock pick.

    Joe & Paul's Another Mining Podcast #16 - 2022 Year in Review

    In this last issue of the year, we discuss projects' successes and failures, M&As, junior financing trends, and much more.

    "Copper is a Long-Term Play", Deutsche Goldmesse Presentation, November 18, 2022

    Joe Mazumdar, Editor and Analyst at Exploration Insights, joins us in Frankfurt to give a keynote presentation on how copper is a long-term play with looming markets deficits.

    How Junior Mining Has Evolved Post-COVID

    In this podcast, Joe discusses the challenges and opportunities junior mining faces in the Post-COVID era. Companies are leaning toward local management to increase productivity and lessen the impacts of supply-chain disruptions. For Joe, the US dollar has an outsized influence on the gold price and other commodities, overshadowing their fundamentals. For that reason, the market sentiment towards gold is negative for US investors but steady for those whose currencies are losing value.

    Brent’s New Orleans Investment Conference keynote presentation, October 12, 2022

    Link to Brent’s October 12 New Orleans Investment Conference keynote presentation, which covered CO2, faulty 43-101s, oz/market cap, and mining picks. The conference is best Hard Asset show Brent knows of and worth attending:

    Mining Expert Joe Mazumdar on How to Pick Junior Stocks

    Joe Mazumdar, mining analyst at, and Antonio sat down for a conversation on what he looks for when picking mining stocks to invest in, the red flags with junior companies, and Joe’s current view on the natural resource market. Toward the end of the conversation, Antonio got a chance to ask Joe what metals he likes to invest in. He told me that his focus is mainly on the industry’s precious metals side, but he is also currently invested in lithium, copper, and even uranium.

    Silver & Others: SQUEEZE Is Coming, Top Stock Picks | Brent Cook

    Special Coverage from the New Orleans Investment Conference - Guest Brent Cook discusses how a squeeze in metals is inevitable, having the right data but drawing the wrong conclusions and investing in mining stocks. Brent also shares his Top Stock Picks.

    Korelin Economics Report - Brent Cook, A Broad Discussion On The Health Of The Resource Sector Down To The Stocks

    We are very happy to welcome Brent Cook back to the show! It’s been a while since we last had Brent on but after running into him at the recent Beaver Creek conference I locked him in for an interview!

    We focus on the overall health of the resource space. This includes a historical reference for the current market environment, key fundamentals he is looking for in stocks, jurisdictional breakdowns, metals he is more optimistic on and a few more topics!

    Gold & Silver Stocks in Trouble - Buy or Sell?

    On this episode of #SFLive, Kai Hoffman speaks with Joe about the true state of the junior mining industry - no sugar coating. They discuss some of his stock ideas, the light at the end of the tunnel, and more. #gold #silver

    Junior Mining Stock Picking Strategies from Brent Cook

    In this conversation, Brent and Antonio talked about what makes a good and a bad junior mining stock, jurisdictions that have previously been a "no go" zone for mining companies, uranium, and junior mining stocks: Arizona Sonoran Copper - Orogen Royalties - i80 Gold - Energy Fuels.

    The most consequential week for commodities of 2022

    Paul Harris and I discuss the latest industry news and M&A transactions with Michael McCrae. Podcast here and YouTube vid here

    “An American Perspective”, Brent’s Keynote Address at the Noosa Mining Conference, July 2022

    In this presentation, Brent covers important aspects of exploration and investing in ASX versus TSX.

    Expert Mining Sector Analysis & New Top Stock Pick with Joe Mazumdar, Mining Stock Education

    Joe talks to Bill Powers about the Gold Fields-Yamana merger as well as Hecla’s purchase of Alexco. He also discusses signs to look for when discerning a bottom in the mining sector. He also offers his commentary on Royal Gold’s purchase of Great Bear Royalties, Rio2 Limited’s permit denial in Chile and Equinox Gold. Finally, Joe mentions risks for mining investors in H2 2022 and ends by sharing a top new stock pick

    It’s Getting Ugly Everywhere in the Markets; Looking for Recapitulation, Daniela Cambone from Stansberry Research interviews Brent Cook, Recorded JUNE 30, 2022

    It's ugly everywhere for the miners, "and I'm looking for a recapitulation later this year," says Brent Cook, Founder and Senior Advisor of Exploration Insights. He tells our Daniela Cambone that, "whatever happens to the majors mining market happens to the minors mining market as well." Cook discusses the successful tactics he uses when identifying promising exploration projects, suggesting that miners today, "are not doing enough to find deposits organically, and it's not all about geology." Cook concludes by telling investors to, "wait for the perfect pitch, and hope is not a very good investment philosophy," underscoring the importance of timing when investing in the miners.

    Joe Mazumdar: Good vs. Bad Financings — What to Look for When Juniors Raise Money, Investing News Network at PDAC, June 13, 2022

    ​Raising money is a key challenge for juniors in today's markets, and even when companies are able to secure funds, not all financings are equal. In this interview, Joe shares his thoughts on how investors can differentiate between good and bad financings. He also spoke about the copper sector, including deposit characteristics and basic information on grades.

    Central banks will load up on gold this year, commodities will 'recapitulate', Brent's interview with Kitco at PDAC 2022

    The metals are about to 'recapitulate' said Brent Cook, founder of Exploration Insights. Cook gives his outlook for the metals, as well as his mining stock picks, with David Lin, Anchor, and Producer for Kitco News at the PDAC conference in Toronto.

    Joe Mazumdar: Copper is the Commodity of the Decade, Ways to Get Exposure

    ​​Investors often focus on the commodities of the moment, but which have potential over the next decade? Joe Mazumdar, the editor of Exploration Insights, said copper is his pick. Aside from copper, the expert also spoke about financing, which he sees as the "big squeeze" facing the resource sector right now, especially as companies deal with higher costs. "You really need access to capital, and you really need to know that they can actually raise that money, no matter if the times are good or bad," he said. "Counting on the retail sector to help you finance it probably is not a good strategy right now." #VRIC2022 #Investing #Copper

    Inflation is eating miners' margins, but there is a saving grace

    Margin compression has been ratcheting up over several quarters, said Exploration Insights author Joe Mazumdar. On Tuesday Mazumdar and analyst Brent Cook sat with Kitco. "Almost every cost center had gone up whether it's consumables, labor or energy. It's flat across the board. We're talking anywhere from 30% to 50%. And when you look at capital costs, we're seeing the [mines] that are getting into the news the most are the marginal-grade, large, milling, open pit operations," said Mazumdar, citing Cote and Magino projects. In December Argonaut Gold announced a 56% jump in capital costs for its wholly-owned Magino project in Ontario, Canada. In May IAMGOLD said its Cote development project was challenged and withdrew cost guidance. "Some of its scoping, but a lot is cost inflation. They're getting squeezed, but a lot of those precious metal companies are...balance-sheet-wise, in a much better spot than they were at the tail end of the last cycle."

    "There's Something Broken About the Market", Stansberry Investor Hour w/Brent Cook, Episode #253, April 11, 2022

    Metals and mining stocks are a hot topic right now. Global commodity prices continue to surge as the Russia-Ukraine conflict rages on. The U.S. is looking to ramp up domestic production of the minerals needed to produce electric-vehicle batteries. Even the “meme stock” crowd is jumping on board, recently pushing a previously unnoticed small metals miner up nearly 800%. According to Dan, “There’s something broken about the market.” So this week on Stansberry Investor Hour, he invites seasoned geologist Brent Cook to break down the real opportunities in this highly complex industry. Begins ~13:00. Start off w/ Hycroft then into positive and negative signs and investment philosophy.

    Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: $GOLD $GATO $AMC $HYMC $TMQ $TRQ $RIO

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights provides expert resource sector commentary in this interview. He analyzes AMC Movie Theater and Eric Sprott’s financing of Hycroft Mining and its subsequent 10-fold move in the past two weeks. Joe shares the significance of Barrick working with the Pakistan government to advance the massive Reko Diq copper-gold project. He comments on Rio Tinto’s all-cash offer to acquire Turquoise Hill Resources. Joe addresses the Biden administration’s challenging of Trilogy Metals’ road permit and the frustrating trend of the current US government’s increasing unfriendliness to mining projects. He explains why the Gatos Silver disaster occurred and why narrow vein mining is so difficult. Furthermore, Joe offers insights on how the Russia-Ukraine-NATO conflict affects commodities investors.

    "Don't Forget About Copper" - Red Cloud Very Pre-PDAC Mining Showcase - March 6, 2022

    Joe Mazumdar keynote presentation at Red Cloud Financial Services Pre-PDAC 2022 Mining Showcase.

    Top mining losers impacted by Russian sanctions

    I sat down with Michael McCrae of Kitco News to discuss the commodities at risk due to sanctions on Russia and the 2021 financials results of a major gold producer (Barrick) versus base metal/met coal producers (Teck). Hope it's helpful.

    Metals Investor Form 2022 YouTube playlist - Presentations and Interviews (Joe's and his invited companies)

    YouTube playlist with a compilation of presentations (Joe's and his invited companies) and interviews at the January 2022 Metals Investor Forum:
    Generation Mining Limited - Kerry Knoll
    Orogen Royalties Inc. - Paddy Nicol
    Radius Gold Inc. - Bruce Smith
    Trilogy Metals Inc. - Tony Giardini

    Metals Investor Forum, January 14, 2022: "Year of the Tiger | Trends in prices, costs, financings and exploration"

    Joe's presentation at the Virtual Metals Investor Forum on January 14-15, 2022: "Year of the Tiger | Trends in prices, costs, financings and exploration"

    The Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show - Thoughts On Production and Development Stocks

    In segments 3 and 4, Joe talks with Cory Fleck about the investment landscape for production and development resource companies, gold and base metals stocks, and exploration companies

    Where Do We Go After “Crazy” Month for Gold and Silver? - Monthly Wrap Up with Sprott Money

    Precious metals took a roller coaster ride in the month of November, as the re-nomination of Jerome Powell to lead the Fed upended expectations. What does this mean moving forward? Host Craig Hemke sits down with Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights to break down all the gold and silver news you need as 2021 barrels to a close. 

    Korelin Economics Report - Recapping key news and trends for precious metals stocks

    In this audio interview, Joe joins the Korelin Economics Report for a discussion focused on precious metals stocks to recap some of the recent M&A transactions and the trend of mining companies looking to grow scale. It’s all about building to a level that will attract the investors still focused in the sector.

    Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: Valuing Developers, Recent M&A & 2 Stock Picks

    Joe discusses the risks of investing in developers and mine constructors in this inflationary environment and provides commentary on Agnico Eagle’s acquisition of Kirkland Lake Gold as well as Calibre’s acquisition of Fiore Gold. He also shares two royalty company stocks that he likes.

    Mines and Money Mining Pitch Battle featuring Altair Resources, Scottie Resources, and Newcore Gold

    Andrew Thake, Head of Content of Mines and Money, hosted a Mining Pitch Battle at Mines and Money Online Connect @ IMARC in October 2021. This pitch battle features 3 Mining Corporates: George Young, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Altair Resources; Brad Rourke, President and Chief Executive Officer of Scottie Resources; and Luke Alexander, Chief Executive Officer and President of Newcore Gold; and 5 Investor Judges: -George Petker, Founder of Versatech Capital for Mining; Michael Colligan, Partner of Blue Lakes Advisors; Joe Mazumdar, Economic Geologist & Analyst of Exploration Insights; Luc Ten Have, Private Investor of Karumba Research; and Miranda Werstiuk, Corporate Development Director of OCIM.

    Joe & Paul's Another Mining Podcast #7 - Agnico and Kirkland Lake Megamerger

    Joe and Paul discuss the rationale for the megamerger between Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM.T, AEM.NYSE) and Kirkland Lake Gold (KL.T, KL.NYSE) to create a Canadian 'champion' in the gold sector.

    Joe & Paul's Another Mining Podcast!?! #6 - featuring Tom Brady

    Paul and I sit down with Tom Brady, former colleague of mine at Newmont Corporation, who is now Executive Director at the CU Denver Center for Commodities and a contributor to Capitalight Research, which publishes the weekly Gold Monitor by Martin Murenbeeld. We discuss the #goldmarket and its strong relationship with #realinterestrates trends, currently heading positive. We also discuss the impacts of #cryptocurrencies, #centralbanks and other risks, like China's Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited potential default. Hope it is useful, Joe

    Ill-thought-out proposal to amend US Mining Law should fall on deaf ears

    In a small effort to fund a US$3.5-trillion spending bill, the US House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee is proposing an 8% gross royalty on existing mines and 4% on new ones, plus a 7c per ton fee on rock moved at the mine.

    "ESG & Mining" Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights at the September 2021 Virtual MIF

    "ESG & Mining" Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights at the September 2021 Virtual MIF **Be sure to subscribe to be notified when the latest videos are available.**

    Three Mining Industry Experts Discuss Their Investment Criteria—Part II The Hard Part

    As part of MoneyShow's Money, Metals, & Mining Virtual Expo, @BrentCo77759016's moderated panel with @JoeMazumdar and Justin Tolman deals with key investment strategies in the #highrisk #juniorminingsector. The goal is #maximumprofits with #minimumlosses.

    Summer Doldrums Weighing on Gold; How to Position in Copper

    After hitting an all-time high last summer, this summer has been less fruitful for gold. The yellow metal has dropped fairly steeply in August, falling from above the US$1,800 per ounce mark to trade near the US$1,700 level for a brief period of time. Joe shared his thoughts on what's happening with the yellow metal and how its price movement is impacting gold stocks. He also discussed supply and demand drivers in the copper space.

    Another Mining Podcast !?! - Episode #3 – August 3, 2021

    Joe and Paul discuss the Cerro Blanco gold development project in Guatemala with Bluestone Resources' president & CEO Jack Lundin.

    Another Mining Podcast !?! - Episode #2

    In Episode #2, Paul and I talk with Lukas and Jack Lundin about the Lundin Group's investment strategy. The patriarch of the Group noted that despite the rumblings in South America regarding potential M&A transactions, "even for a large asset without a stable tax regime - nobody's selling".

    Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: Capex Financings, Jurisdictions & Stock Pick

    In this interview with Bill Power of Mining Stock Educatino, Joe shares his analysis of the recently-announced capex financings for Marathon Gold and Rio2, comments on the Fortuna and Roxgold merger, shares one stock pick, and offers his opinion on Guatemala, South Africa, and the ‘stan’ nations as mining jurisdictions.

    Why This Commodity Super-Cycle Is Different

    Co-editor of Exploration Insights Joe Mazumdar says this commodities super-cycle is bigger than the last. While China remains the dominant player, green energy initiatives are driving demand higher in countries across the globe.

    Join Joe and Dunagun Kaiser at 2021 Rule Symposium (formerly the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium) Jul 15-17! Use this link to sign up and you'll be supporting Liberty and Finance along the way! --

    Another Mining Podcast !?! - Episode #1

    Joe joins Paul Harris of @CGS2021Gold discuss Latin America's changing country risk profile for mining and exploration.

    The Wealth Holders Podcast #24 - Brent Cook

    Brent's interview with Canadian Kyle touches on his views on wealth and money, prospect generators, newsletters, hot areas and portfolio allocation, cycles and when to sell, and share structure's importance.

    Gold: Where Will The Producers Spend Oncoming Cash Flows? - The Daily Dive ft Joe Mazumdar

    For today's episode of the Daily Dive, we're rejoined by Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights. Within, we start off the discussion on the topic of energy consumption by crypto. The discussion then transitions to the topic of gold, and whether it has turned a corner, as well as the topic of cash flow generation by major producers and where that money can be expected to be spent.

    Top Tips to Value Mining Companies

    How to understand what gold mining companies report with Brent Cook

    Brent Cook, founder of Exploration Insights discusses why geology does matter and you may be surprised at his answer.

    Economic ore deposits are unique how do you find the ones that will be the best to invest in?

    A great overview of what it means to pick the right stocks as well as what some of the mining terms mean to subscribe to Exploration Insights

    Sprott Money's Ask The Expert - Joe Mazumdar - April 2021

    In this edition of Ask The Expert, Joe answers seven of your listener-submitted questions, including:

    • Is the seven-month downtrend in mining shares finally over?
    • Will silver miners continue to outperform gold miners?
    • Plus: The lightning round returns!

    For the answers to these questions and more, listen here.

    Four Mining Industry Experts Discuss Their Investment Criteria

    Panel discussion with @BrentCo77759016 @TimOliverPE @RonaldS_AuCu at the recent @MoneyShow where we discuss investing in the mining sector. I hope it is useful.

    Brent Cook’s Mining Stocks for Post-Covid Bull Run

    As the global economy gets back on its feet, metals are looking at a bull run thanks to restarting infrastructure and mining investments. Brent Cook, the legendary geologist and independent analyst, lays out a winning strategy for post-pandemic recovery.

    Resource Investing Expert Joe Mazumdar on Recent M&A, Gold & Shares Stock Pick

    Another interview with one of my favourite interviewers where I share what I believe was the best M&A transaction of the past month, one stock pick, and my outlook on gold, copper, uranium, and platinum

    Is The Lack Of Copper Development Leading To A Supply Crunch? – The Daily Dive feat Joe Mazumdar

    Starting off the trading week, The Daily Dive sees host Cassandra Leah sit down with Joe Mazumdar, Editor of, and a former senior mining analyst and geologist. Joe joins us this afternoon to provide his insights on the current macro environment, including the topic of yield curve control, his rules for investing in junior mining, and gaining exposure to copper.

    Playlist - Virtual Metals Investor Forum
    Copper prices top $4 a pound for the first time in over 9 years

    Copper futures topped $4 a pound on Friday for the first time since 2011, with expectations for a global economic recovery and a rise in renewable energy sources lifting the industrial metal’s demand outlook. Copper demand and prices “should continue to benefit from a recovering global economy and [a] transition to “green” energy sources,” said Brent Cook, an economic geologist and senior adviser for the newsletter Exploration Insights. Click on the link to read the rest of the article.

    Geologists talk bear encounters, public executions, and other remarkable exploration stories

    Seasoned geologists join Kitco News to share incredible stories from site visits. Brent Cook, founder of Exploration Insights, Joe Mazumdar, editor of Exploration Insights, Nicole Adshead-Bell, director of Cupel Advisory, and Ralph Rushton, CEO of Aftermath Silver, give first-hand accounts of life as a geologist in the field, and give their input on the best exploration jurisdictions in the world.

    Financing the Next Generation of Mines in Africa

    The Assay magazine is a 121 Group initiative that provides a print and online platform for leading fund managers and analysts to share their investment outlooks and market insights on mining. In this edition, which explores the impact of global events and current trends on Africa’s mining industry, Joe provides his insights on the future of financings (page 20). On page 60, Joe also leads an exploration panel discussion with the CEOs of Awale Resources, Montage Gold, Osino Resources, and Altus Strategies.

    Even if you’re not a geologist, you can tell if a gold stock is legitimate

    If an exploration company is not linking their news releases to detailed drilling data, they probably have something to hide, said Brent Cook, founder of Exploration Insights. "A legitimate company will put out a couple of paragraphs to tell you this is basically what's going on, anyone without technical ability can understand it, and then they need to include the details, backup data," Cook said.

    Thursday Conversation - Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights

    Joe and Brent sat down with Craig Hemke from the TF Metals Report, an online community for precious metal investors, to talk about the approaching "bucking bull". In the coming volatile environment, quality information will be critical to successfully navigate and profit from the mining sector.

    MIF Letter Writers Share Their Top Picks for 2021

    Eric Coffin, Gwen Preston and Brent Cook, newsletter writers in the junior gold mining sector, talk about their views on the gold and commodities outlook for the year.

    A new deal for TMAC's Hope Bay mine, The Trailbreaker with Loren McGinnis

    Loren speaks with Joe about the future of TMAC's Hope Bay mine. Things looked bleak after the news last month that federal regulators would block China's Shandong Gold from buying the Nunavut mining project. But a new deal with a northern mining giant could turn things around.

    Invest Like the Experts: Gold and miners to shine in 2021 as Biden Administration won't be shy with stimulus

    Although the precious metal sector is attracting new investor attention, the mining sector continues to underperform. The mining sector's value is well below what it was during the last bull market in gold and silver. However, some market analysts think that this will change and investors won't be able to ignore the value being generated in 2021. With that in mind, Kitco News decided to reach out to some mining experts and ask them how they would invest $10,000 in the mining sector and what themes they see playing out in 2021. In this interview, Joe provides his picks and ideas.

    Resource Investing Expert Joe Mazumdar Discusses Several Mining Stocks

    In this interview, Joe provides expert resource sector commentary. He offers insights regarding several specific mining stocks as well as shares about an exploration play he recently purchased.

    Sprott Money News Ask The Expert October 2020 - Brent Cook, Senior Advisor and Founder at Exploration Insights

    Brent Cook answers listener questions on the mining sector and offers his opinion on a few specific mining companies.

    Resource Stock Digest Exclusive Interview with Joe Mazumdar

    In this interview, Mike Fagan, editor of Hard Asset Digest, and Joe discuss the impacts of the pandemic on the junior mining sector, precious metals companies that are currently a good deal for investors, China and the copper market, and clean energy metals.

    Brent Cook’s top gold stock picks and top risks to flag

    In this intereview with David Lin from Kitco news, Brent explains how expanded margins have created an optimal environment to invest in miners, but investors should still watch for jurisdictional risks, including the inability for miners to access their sites due to the ongoing pandemic. “If the company can’t get to site, that drops them down in terms of our interest,” he said. Brent’s top picks for mining companies include Bluestone Resources (TSXV: BSR.V), Westhaven Gold Corp. (TSXV: WHN.V), and Clean Air Metals (TSXV: AIR.V).

    The Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show — SAT 3 OCT, 2020

    This weekend’s show is for everyone who is investing or looking to invest in junior resource stocks. Cory Fleck spends Segments 1 and 2 with Joe, starting with broad gold and silver comments then moving to where he sees value in gold vs silver stocks. Joe also shares a few companies he is waiting on news out of and the renewed interest in battery metals.

    VIDEO — Joe Mazumdar: Most Miners Have Cash Now, Here’s How to Find Winners

    In tough markets, being able to raise money is seen as a sign of success for mining companies — but what happens when cash is readily accessible? Speaking to the Investing News Network, Joe Mazumdar, editor of Exploration Insights, said having funds available is no longer a reliable indicator that a resource stock is doing well.

    SF Online - Session 03 - Keynote: Joe Mazumdar on investing in jr mining companies

    SF Online - Virtual Resource Conference Series Keynote presentation: Joe is a returning keynote speaker to SF Online. He runs us through his second part of his presentation on investing into junior mining and exploration companies. He mentions key factors to look out for when doing due diligence.

    There is still plenty of value in junior gold explorers - Exploration Insights

    The junior exploration sector has seen a flood of investment capital in the last few months as gold prices have pushed to record highs; according to one analyst, the industry remains undervalued and there is further investment potential. In an interview with Kitco News, on the sidelines of the virtual Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit, Joe Mazumdar, editor of exploration insights, said that he recently looked at senior producers and compared how much they are spending on exploration and how much is going to cover general and administrative (G&A) expenses.

    Virtual Metals Investor Forum — October 8, 2020 — Presentations, Q&A, and Interviews

    Find below the links to the presentations, Q&A session, and interviews that toook place during the Virtual Metals Investor Forum on October 8, 2020. Joe's presentations is at the bottom.


    Company Name


    Link Presentation


    Link Q&A


    Backstage Interview


    GBM Resources Limited





    HighGold Mining Inc.





    Regulus Resources Inc.




    Orogen Royalties Inc.





    Redstar Gold Corp.





    Westhaven Gold Corp.




      Exploration Insights

    Focus on Buying Quality Mining Stocks Not Chasing Leverage says Joe Mazumdar

    In this interview, Joe provides expert resource sector commentary. Commodities discussed are copper, nickel, gold and iron ore.  In his personal portfolio, Joe explains that he is focused on buying quality mining stocks rather than chasing the leverage that many lesser-quality miners provide.

    Pebble Mine Commentary with Brent Cook & Mickey Fulp

    Brent and Mickey Fulp ("Mercenary Geologist") discuss Northern Dynasty Mineral's Pebble project in northern Alaska.

    Venture Exchange Roars Back — BNN Bloomberg

    While the TSX has rebounded sharply since markets hit bottom in March, the bigger winners so far have been the juniors. The TSX Venture Exchange has shot up more than 100 per cent. Joe Mazumdar, editor, analyst and publisher at Exploration Insights, explains what's driving the buying and outlines his top picks among junior miners and explorers.

    Global Supply Chain Broken: Leader Countries & COs Emerge | Joe Mazumdar & Brent Cook — Liberty and Finance

    Unprecedented policy responses of lockdowns, shipping delays, travel bans, and partial or complete shutdowns of many critical industrial processes have fractured the natural resource global supply chain. Countries and companies for the past several decades, seeking cheap labor, or influenced by environmental goals or policy jurisdictions, prided themselves on JIT Lean efficiencies via off-shoring smelting/refining/manufacturing and other industries. But in today’s “emergency” regulatory minefield, these same companies have found themselves locked out, or faced with inflexible barriers to business continuity and profitability. Some countries are much better positioned than others to survive and thrive going forward. Which countries and companies are emerging as tomorrow’s leaders, based on being well-positioned, or adapting rapidly from a global supply chain to domestic self-reliance, or via establishing strategic partnerships at all levels with mineral rich jurisdictions? Joe and Brent join Liberty and Finance for the first time to answer viewers’ questions and reveal their approach to analysis of the best-fit prospects to the turbulent times ahead.

    As Silver Rallies, The Mining Stocks Are On Fire

    Silver is rallying, which can be one of the most exciting financial market phenomena when it actually is occurring. And if silver’s been rallying, the mining stocks have been on fire. Especially the #silverminers. And to find out more about the rally, how to approach investing in the #silverstocks, and what to expect next, click to watch this interview with #BrentCook of #ExplorationInsights, where he explains it all!

    Gold breaks $1,900 but silver steals the show

    Despite gold hitting $1,900 this week, silver ran the table in the precious metals markets said the panelists on Kitco Podcast. Mining reporters Michael McCrae, Neils Christensen and Paul Harris joined newsletter writer Brent Cook for a look back at the week that was in precious metals, juniors and mining.

    Gold mining sector looks healthy post pandemic - Exploration Insights

    The rally in the gold market, with prices now pushing to their highest level since 2011, has created a healthy environment for the mining, sector even as the world economy continues to grapple with the spreading COVID-19 pandemic. In an interview with Kitco News on the sidelines of the Mines and Money Online Connect virtual mining conference, Joe said that because of the higher gold price investor interest is growing across the sector with capital now flowing from major producers to mid-tier producers to junior explorers. Click on the link to watch the full interview.

    Evrim Webinar #2 Highlights: Gold Royalties, the MVP among gold investments

    Royalty and streaming companies have become an increasingly popular investment for those looking to gain exposure to the mining sector without the risks associated with directly taking a position in mining companies. On June 29th, Evrim invited two expert investors from different sides of the business; Frank Holmes, the head of U.S. Global Investors, and Joe. Frank shared why he invests in Gold Royalties rather than other models in the gold sector. Joe pointed out the key things he takes into account when evaluating new gold royalty companies to add to his portfolio. Paddy Nicol, President & CEO of Evrim discussed the merger of Evrim and Renaissance Gold and explained what it means to become an organic royalty generator, as well as the potential upside investors can look out for.

    Presentation Highlights:

    • The drivers for gold demand; Fear drivers vs. Love drivers
    • Case study 1 showed the relationship between the current U.S. debt and the Fed’s balance sheet and the comparison to the 2008 Financial Crisis
    • Case study 2 tracked the gold price since the current pandemic outbreak
    • Case study 3 showed the shrinking supply of gold worldwide and a comparison to Palladium’s skyrocketing price following a supply deficit since 2014
    • Frank broke down the royalty model, its attractiveness, a comparison of their performance among gold spot price, NYSE Arca Gold Miner Index and the GDXJ ETF
    • How U.S. Global’s GOAUX index uses quantitative analysis to pick stocks
    • The effect of millennials using Robinhood for investing during the pandemic
    Liberty Gold: Big Opportunity for Gold Stock Deep Dive

    There is a big opportunity in the gold stock Liberty Gold, and in this interview, Georgia Tucker of Cambridge House International talks with company CEO Cal Everett and Joe about the prospects of the company and where it's headed in the future. First, she speaks with Joe to get an idea of how he sees the equities market playing out, what it means for gold, and some portfolio ideas and advice.With US Equities Market up to near all time highs how does this effect the Gold market?

    Soar Financial Live Ep 44 - Fintwit Panel, Joe Mazumdar, Christian Milau, Florian Siegfried

    In this Soar Financial Live session moderated by Kai Hoffmann, Joe Mazumdar, Christian Milau (CEO Equinox Gold Corp.), and Florian Siegfried (CEO SSI Asset Management AG), discuss the changing exploration and junior mining landscape, adapting to a new gold price environment and much more.

    How Resource Sector Expert Joe Mazumdar Is Currently Investing

    In this interview, Joe discusses the significance of the recent oversubscribed financings as well as the mergers and acquisitions occurring in the mining sector.  Throughout the discussion, Joe shares how he is positioning his personal resource stock portfolio and mentions several companies in which he has invested.

    Impact of Pandemic on Junior Mining, Gold Price and Money Flowing into Dumb Deals with Brent Cook

    In this Wall Street View, our host caught up with Brent Cook, Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights to discuss Impact of Pandemic on Junior Mining, Gold Price and Money Flowing into Dumb Deals, and what Brent is looking at right now.

    Joe's Extended Interview with The Korelin Economics Report's Weekend Show

    In Segment 3, Joe discusses general portfolio management for a precious metals investor when the whole sector is moving higher and looks at everything from exploration to development companies, sharing some thoughts on marginal assets.

    Q&A with Joe and 5 companies at the Virtual Metals Investor Forum on Thursday, April 30, 2020

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights asks his 5 presenting companies questions from the audience: Energy Fuels Inc., HighGold Mining Inc., Liberty Gold Corp., Mundoro Capital Inc.. and Trilogy Metals Inc.

    The Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show, Segment 3

    On Segment 3 of the Weekend Show, Joe shares the types of companies he is investing in currently and if he sees the M&A picking up anytime soon.

    METALS INVESTOR FORUM, March 2020, Toronto - Presentations & Backstage Interviews YouTube Playlist

    In this YouTube Playlist, we have compiled Joe's presentation, the panel discussion moderated by Brent, and Joe's interviews with the following companies at the MIF in Toronto on February 29-March1:

    • Westhaven Ventures
    • Trilogy Metals
    • Platinum Group Metals
    • Mundoro Capital
    • Bluestone Resources
    • Blackstone Minerals

    Viewers can call in using the toll-free number 1-855-326-6266 or Tweet @MarketCall or email

    "Get bigger and get noticed" is the game right now

    With mega-mergers in the mining space mostly done, the next group to watch is mid-tier miners, said Joe Mazumdar, editor at Exploration Insights. Kitco talked to Mazumdar at the Metal Investor Forum in Vancouver last week. He discussed the M&A moves miners have been making. In the last two years seniors conducted big M&A deals, such as Barrick-Randgold and Newmont-Goldcorp. Mazumdar said the seniors needed to get bigger to get noticed by generalist investors. "[Seniors] are trying to create a business that is self-funding, issuing stable dividends but is focusing on the gold sector." Mazumdar believes the mega-merger phase is done. Next up is the mid-tier miners, which are buying up assets hived off by the seniors, so they can get scale, too. "You've seen a lot of mid-tier operators buying assets, sometimes buying low-margin assets in low-risk political jurisdictions but add to their capital profile, increase their market cap and can potentially add more generalists [investors]. That seems to be the game right now: to get bigger and to get noticed." Listen to our conversation with Joe Mazumdar.

    Expert Resource Sector Commentary from Joe Mazumdar

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights provides expert resource sector commentary in this interview. He also discusses his thoughts on several different commodities and what investment vehicles speculators might utilize to play those commodities. Throughout the discussion, Joe shares how he is positioning his personal resource stock portfolio.

    Brent Cook: Expect More Drilling and Legitimate Discoveries in 2020

    The year is off to a great start for precious metals, but will investor sentiment continue to be positive throughout 2020? At this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), the Investing News Network caught up with Brent to talk about the junior mining space. “Every January in Vancouver is positive regardless of what’s really going on,” he said. “I think this time it’s legitimate — I think the markets have turned, the metals are coming back to some degree, interest in the sector is coming back.” He said that more financing of juniors will happen in 2020 beacuse “There’s a lot more money looking for — very selectively now — solid, legitimate, honest management teams with good ideas.” For investors that might be new to the resource space, Brent talked about what lesson he learned quickly when he started investing in junior miners and also shared his top stock picks for 2020. 

    BACKSTAGE INTERVIEWS — Metals Investor Forum, January 2020, Vancouver

    This is a compilation of companies' presentations and interviews that Joe conducted with the CEOs of these companies at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver on January 2020. The list includes:

    • Blackstone Minerals (BSX.V) - presentation by Managing Director, Scott Williamson - link here - and my interview with him - link here

    • HighGold Mining (HIGH.V) - presentation by CEO, Darwin Green - link here - and my interview with him - link here

    • Irving Resources (IRV.CSE) - presentation by Director, Quinton Hennigh - link here - and my interview with him - link here

    • Mirasol Resources (MRZ.V) - presentation by CEO, Norm Pitcher - link here - and my interview with him - link here

    • Radius Gold (RDU.V) - presentation by VP Exploration, Bruce Smith - link here - and my interview with him - link here - *I especially recommend this one for those keen on grassroots exploration

    Joe's Presentation at the Metals Investor Forum, January 17-18, 2020 in Vancouver - "Hickory Dickory Dock, Ticking Through the Investment Clock"

    Joe Mazumdar's Presentation at the January 2020 MIF in Vancouver: "Hickory Dickory Dock, Ticking Through the Investment Clock"

    Brent Cook | Speculators Must Have Boots on the Ground
    Flurry of deals in gold sector expected to continue: Joe Mazumdar

    In this BNN Bloomberg's Commodities show, Joe describes recent deals made in the gold mining space, including divestitures from major producers.

    Gold and Silver Miners Will Need New Discoveries - with Brent Cook

    While the reasons to expect higher gold and silver prices are growing by the day, imagine if you could make money in the sector whether prices go up or down. Which is what Brent Cook of Exploration Insights specializes in doing. And at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference, he was kind enough to sit down and share what he looks for when analyzing #miningstocks in the current environment.

    Geological Science and How That Relates to Minerals Exploration with Brent Cook | SNN Network

    In this Wall Street View, our host caught up with Brent Cook, Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights, at the New Orleans Investment Conference 2019 to discuss how geological science relates to minerals exploration.

    The Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show — Saturday, November 9, 2019

    In Segment 2, Joe, who was recently in Finland for a resource conference, discusses the environment for resource companies in Finland and some of the more interesting stories with Cory Fleck.

    Why Gold Investors will Never be the Same Again

    With gold prices having climbed higher this year, investors have flocked to senior producers instead of the juniors, favoring steady cash-flow over speculation, and this trend may shape miners’ priorities going forward, this according to Joe Mazumdar, co-editor, Exploration Insights. “I think the majors have changed mindset thinking that it’s not about production profile, it’s about generating free cash-flow and maintaining dividends,” Mazumdar told Kitco News on the sidelines of the 121 Mining Investment Conference in New York.

    Joe at BNN Bloomberg Market Call, including his latest Top Picks - October 16, 2019

    Joe Mazumdar, discusses the currents state of the market, his top picks (Premier Gold, Trilogy Metals and Mirasol Resources), and addresses questions from the audience.

    At the Bar with Brent Cook & Mickey Fulp at the Precious Metals Summit 2019

    In this episode of "At the Bar" hosted by Kelly Earle (Skeena), Brent and Mickey are joined by Nikki Adshead-Bell of Cupel Advisory Corp. to talk about the current state of the market, and if things are about to change for the junior miners.

    How many quality gold deposits truly exist?

    “The story is that we are going to run out of gold deposits. That’s not the case. What we are running out of is economic deposits, the discovery of economic deposits. There’s no shortage of marginal deposits or sub-economic deposits, and the question is, is the rising gold price going to fix all that or not?” Brent Cook told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek. Importantly, Cook noted his thesis is that 80% of deposits will be marginal at any price because they have fundamental flaws.

    MIF Vancouver September 2019 — Playlist: Joe interviews Columbus Gold (CGT), Osino Resource (OSI), and Trilogy Metals (TMQ)
    1. Rock Lefrançois, President & CEO of Columbus Gold (TSX: CGT) and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insight discuss the company’s world-class Montagne d’Or Gold Deposit, which hosts NI-43-101 Proven and Probable Reserves of 2.75 million ounces gold (54.11 million tonnes @ 1.58 g/t gold) at the Metals Investor Forum on Sep 6-7, 2019 in Vancouver, BC.
    2. Heye Daun, CEO of Osino Resources Corp. (TSXV:OSI) and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insight discuss the company’s development of their gold projects in Namibia at the Metals Investor Forum on Sep 6-7, 2019 in Vancouver, BC.
    3. Patrick Donnelly, VP Corporate Communications and Development of Trilogy Metals Inc. (TSX: TMQ) and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insight discuss the advancing exploration at the Upper Kobuk Mineral Projects ("UKMP"), high-grade copper-zinc-lead-gold-silver-cobalt properties in Northwest Alaska at the Metals Investor Forum on Sep 6-7, 2019 in Vancouver, BC.
    Exploration Will be the Next Big Gold Trend

    The new trend for the near term in the gold space will be exploration and discovery, according to Brent Cook at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek.

    Junior Mining: How to Evaluate Early Stage Mineral Projects with Brent Cook

    In this Wall Street View, our host caught up with Brent Cook, Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights, at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium 2019 in Vancouver, BC.

    State of the Gold Market: Mega-Mergers, ETFs and Divestment with Joe Mazumdar

    In this Wall Street View, our host caught up with Joe Mazumdar, Co-editor/Economic Geologist for Exploration Insights at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium 2019 in Vancouver, BC.

    Investing in junior miners as sector faces financing challenges

    Joe discusses the challenges of mining exploration companies getting funding through the TSX Venture Exchange, and how investors can better assess these stocks.

    Panel Discussion on Junior Mining Exploration—Vancouver Sprott Global Resource Investments conference

    Joe and Brent participated in a panel discussion on junior mining exploration during the Vancouver Sprott Natural Resource Symposium back in July. The panel was moderated by Rick Rule and also featured Steve Todoruk, Mickey Fulp, and Lobo Tiggre. The discussion centered on the currently dangerously thin exploration budgets and how to reverse the trend to attract investors to the industry, plus a number of good investment opportunities.

    Joe Mazumdar Provides Resource Sector Insights and Analysis

    In this interview, Joe provides his commentary on various topics:

    • the current state of the mining sector and how the trade war between China and the U.S. is affecting it
    • where resource investors can find the best investment opportunities, including a quality copper company he just invested in as well as his two best performing stocks this year so far and a couple of interesting mining jurisdictions
    • when and how much a company should drill its exploration and development projects
    Investing Near The Bottom Of A Commodity Cycle: Junior Mining—A Conversation with Brent Cook

    Aditya Pattanaik (, Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments, had a conversation with Brent about best practices when investing at the bottom of the junior mining market.

    Brent Cook: Gold is Rising, Don’t Make This Mistake

    The gold price is on the rise, but Brent wants investors to remember that they still need to do their due diligence on exploration stocks. He didn’t offer a prediction on how high the gold price may go (or when), but he did point out that confidence in the US dollar and the US as a whole is declining globally, which he sees pushing money into other currencies as well as gold. While he believes that it’s still early days in terms of money returning to the gold space, he did note that there’s been some action recently, including major and mid-tier miners who are also putting money into the space.

    Joe Mazumdar: Watch for Consequences of M&A in Gold

    The next big thing to watch after the slew of mega mergers and acquisitions in the gold space earlier this year is divestment, according to Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights. Watch the rest of the interview with Priscilla Barrera at this year's Sprott natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver.

    What Recent Rise in Gold Price Means for Mining Industry and Investors

    In this Wall Street View, our host caught up with Brent Cook, Co-Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights to discuss rising gold prices, macro-outlook for resources, how politics affect gold prices, geopolitics and more!

    How to Profit From Mining Stocks With This Gold Price

    Gold’s rally will revive the junior mining market, according to Brent Cook of Exploration Insights. “We’ve seen some major moves and there are some fundamental reasons behind that move in the gold price that I think are set to continue,” he said. Junior mining companies will be benefiting the most in the long term, he said, as mid-tier and major mining companies will look to juniors for more resources and “the potential for major discoveries.” Cook said he prefers the mining space over the physical metal, particularly favoring mid-tier and junior exploration companies.

    “Why Japan?” Joe Mazumdar talks to John Proust, CEO of Japan Gold at the May 24-25, 2019 Metals Investor Forum

    John Proust, Chairman & CEO of Japan Gold and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights discuss their 12 separate projects (ten of the projects are located on the island of Hokkaido, and two of the projects are located on the island of Kyushu) at the Metals Investor Forum on May 24-25, 2019 in Vancouver, BC. TSX-V: JG; OTCQB: JGLDF

    “Adapt, Change, Keep the Same?” Joe Mazumdar talks to Norman Pitcher, CEO of Mirasol Resources

    Norman Pitcher, President and CEO of Mirasol Resources and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights discuss the company’s flagship projects in Chile and Argentina at the Metals Investor Forum on May 24-25, 2019 in Vancouver, BC. TSX-V: MRZ; OTCPK: MRZLF

    “Exciting findings from hole 26 & 30” Joe Mazumdar talks to John Black, CEO of Regulus Resources

    John Black, CEO & Director of Regulus Resources and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights discuss the company’s flagship project - AntaKori, located in Peru at the Metals Investor Forum on May 24-25, 2019 in Vancouver, BC. TSX.V REG

    “Tourmaline Breccia Pipes” Joe Mazumdar talks to David Kelley, CEO of Chakana Copper

    David Kelley, CEO, President & Director of Chakana Copper and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights discuss the Tourmaline Breccia Pipes located in Peru at the Metals Investor Forum on May 24-25, 2019 in Vancouver, BC. TSX-V:PERU; OTC:CHKKF; FRA:1ZX

    Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show – Featuring Jesse Felder, Mike Larson, Rick Rule , and Joe Mazumdar

    On this weekend’s show, the focus is on the trade war issues, hesitancy around the US markets, and a couple comments on the resource sector. In Segment 4, Joe shares his thoughts on the new trend of charity flow-through financings, Australians investing in the Americas, his recent trip to Japan, and strategies for investing in the current market environment.

    Q&A with Brent Cook, Geologist (PAGE 76)

    Shelley Kraft, from Stock News Now, recently conducted a Q & A with Brent Cook about US investors investing in resource companies within a diversified MicroCap portfolio. Brent writes the Resource Corner column for MicroCap Review magazine and has years of experience and expertise in the field. get a PDF here or link to the online publlication (page 76).

    Joe Mazumdar | Expert Analysis of the Mining Sector and the Best Investment Opportunities

    In this interview, Joe specifically discusses how the recent wave of mergers between the major miners is affecting the industry and where investors can find the best investment opportunities; shares why he is bullish on gold, copper, and lithium; offers his perspective on the United States and the Yukon as mining jurisdictions; reveals his biggest investment winner and loser over the past year; and much more.

    The Korelin Economics Report's Weekend Show — Saturday, April 6, 2019

    As we kick off Q2 we continue to see US markets move higher and metals move sideways. The US Dollar is grinding higher and yields bounced but overall many sectors remain range bound. In Segment 4, Joe discusses the financing environment for metals companies and shares a couple companies he likes right now.

    TF Metals Report - Thursday Conversation - Brent Cook of Exploration Insights

    In this podcast, Brent gives his thoughts on the current trend in precious metal prices, the recent string of senior producer consolidation AND his quick thoughts on about 15 of the individual companies that subscribers to TFMR submitted for Brent's opinion.

    This Is How A Pro Picks Mining Stocks

    Investors, take notes – Brent Cook of Exploration Insights, a seasoned geologist with decades of experience in the field, breaks down aspects of mining companies to focus on when picking stocks. “You need someone you can talk to, or trust…first thing we look at when a good hole comes out, what’s the metallurgy?” Cook told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Metals Investor Forum in Toronto.

    Mining Sector Facing "Sixth Extinction" Says Analyst

    “A lot of the generalist money is not going into the institutional active funds, they’re going more into the passive funds. Why? Because anonymity, liquidity, they all want that, and the active funds don’t give them that…and the fees,” Mazumdar told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Metals Investor Forum in Toronto.

    At the Bar with Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp at PDAC 2019

    This episode of "At the Bar with Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp" was filmed on the floor of PDAC 2019 at the booth of Davidson & Company. Featuring: Mickey Fulp (The Mercenary Geologist), Brent Cook (Exploration Insights), Kai Hoffmann (Oreninc CEO), and hosted by Kelly Earle (Skeena Resources).

    BNN Bloomberg Market Call, Tuesday, March 5, 2019

    While in Toronto for the PDAC Convention, Joe and Brent joined Anita Sharma from BNN Bloomberg to discuss the latest news in the mining market, exploration trends, and investment strategies, as well as to offer their Top Picks.

    Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar: How to Invest in This Mega Merger Season

    Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights spoke to INN at this year’s PDAC convention. As mergers and acquisitions run rampant in the gold space, they explained how major mergers and acquisitions can benefit miners of every tier.

    Mining stocks - how to find ones worth buying

    Joe was featured in the The Globe and Mail's Investing in Mining report on business published on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

    How to Find Mining Tenbaggers

    Mining exploration in general is a money-losing enterprise: only one in 1,000 projects succeeds. However, according to economic geologist Brent Cook, you just need a couple of big hits to make up for it. He combines 30 years of experience in geology, exploration, and consulting as the co-editor of Exploration Insights. Cook argues that you can greatly improve the odds with a bit of due diligence and basic knowledge of geology to weed out projects with fatal flaws.

    VRIC 2019: 2019 Investment Strategies - All Star Newsletter Writer Roundup

    Reflecting on 2018, renown Newsletter Writers Nick Hodge (Outsider Club), Peter Spina (,, Brent Cook (Exploration Insights) and David Morgan (The Morgan Report) discuss trends and sentiment for 2019. Moderated by Kitco's Daniella Cambone.

    Brent Cook: You Can Still Make Money on a Failing Stock

    Speaking with the Investing News Network at this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, Brent discussed the exploration sector in 2018, what’s ahead in 2019 and why every investor needs to do due diligence to succeed in the junior resource space. A trend he saw last year and that he expects to continue in 2019 is producing companies investing in early stage exploration by either private placement financings or joint ventures.

    Miners Just Can’t Keep Up

    Mega mergers on the scale of Newmont and Goldcorp are happening because miners can’t keep producing fast enough, and need to consolidate resources in order to meet demand, said Brent Cook of Exploration Insights. “We’re at a time and space where the amount of time and money it takes to discover, prove up, and develop a mine, is longer than we are depleting reserves,” Cook told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

    MIF January 2019 Backstage Interviews: "What should we expect in the next 6 months", Joe Mazumdar & Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse of Trilogy Metals

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights and Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, CEO of Trilogy Metals discuss the Arctic and Bornite projects in Alaska.

    MIF January 2019 Backstage Interviews: "Risk, Adjust, Return", Joe Mazumdar & David Awram of Sandstorm Gold Royalties

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights and David Awram, Senior Executive Vice President and Director of Sandstorm discuss Sandstorm's unique business model at the January 2019 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver.

    MIF January 2019 Backstage Interviews: "2500m drilling program", Joe Mazumdar & Paddy Nicol of Evrim Resources

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights and Paddy Nicol, CEO of Evrim Resources discuss company's updates at the January 2019 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver.

    VRIC 2019: 4 Mining Experts (including Brent) Share Stock Picks and Advice for 2019

    This article is a summary of  one of the most popular panels at the VRIC in Vancouver. It was led by Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone and featured newsletter writers Nick Hodge of the Outsider Club, Brent Cook of Exploration Insights, Peter Spina of and David Morgan of the Morgan Report. The participants discussed their resource outlook and investment ideas and provided their Top Picks. 

    Why the financing outlook for junior miners may improve for 2019

    Brent discusses his outlook on the junior mining sector in 2019 and some names he owns.

    2019: "Volatility And Chaos Will Be The Theme"

    A mix of geopolitical and economic uncertainties will likely create the perfect storm for precious metals and miners next year, said Brent Cook of Exploration Insights, and all these risks should bode well for gold and gold miners next year, with miners outperforming the bullion.

    Joe Mazumdar featured in The Korelin Economics Report's Weekend Show

    Segment 1: Joe shares his thoughts on Evrim's latest drill results and what they mean for the Company moving forward. He also discusses the value of trenching as an exploration technique.

    Canada's Mining Endowment — Mines and Money London

    The final day of this year's Mines and Money conference in London was focused on Canada, and Joe Mazumdar, Co-editor of Exploration Insights, looked at the country's powerful mining sector. Chris Hinde from Mining Beacon just published this white paper on Joe's presentation at the Conference.

    Easy Money In A Tough Market - Brent Cook

    Where is the easy money in a tough market? Watch as Brent Cook (Exploration Insights) discusses everything investors need to know about the mining sector at The Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco.

    Where Are The Experts Investing In 2018? - Silver & Gold Summit 2018 Roundup

    Where are the experts investing in 2018? Watch as Rick Rule (Sprott US Holdings Inc.), Frank Curzio (Curzio Research), Brent Johnson (Santiago Capital), Nick Hodge (Outsider Club) and Brent Cook (Exploration Insights) discuss what markets they are watching and where they see the most potential for growth.

    Market Scams: How To Protect Your Investment - Marin Katusa, Rick Rule and Brent Cook

    Watch as Marin Katusa (Katusa Research) discusses with Rick Rule (Sprott US Holdings Inc.) and Brent Cook (Exploration Insights) discuss market scams and what investors can do to avoid them.

    Ellis Martin Report with Exploration Insights' Brent Cook

    Ellis Martin speaks with Exploration Insights' Brent Cook at the Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco about his take on the current metals market and some of his favorite picks.

    Oreninc Podcast Series: Brent Cook of Exploration Insights

    In this interview, Kai Hoffmann and Brent cover different topics including financing activities in the Oreninc's Index, the Mining Deal Club, the mood at the Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco, Exploration Insight's Top Picks, Canadian companies' role in new discoveries in BC, and the story behind the “The donkey is dead” joke.

    How Investors Can Avoid Scams

    There are people overtly scamming investors in the mining sector, and investors need to be educated in order to protect themselves, said Brent Cook of Exploration Insights. “What you want to watch for is, whoever is telling the story, what’s their entry point, how do they make money, be it a broker, newsletter writer, or the company president. Follow the money, if you will. But thereafter, you really need to understand the basic geology and potential of a project to actually work,” Cook told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco

    BNN Market Call - Joe Mazumdar's Top Picks: Oct. 16, 2018

    In this segment of BNN Bloomberg's Market Call, Joe takes viewer questions on the junior mining sector and touches on various themes including top picks (GTT.V, MGG.V, SSL.TO), gold, active vs. passive funds, private equity, Australian producers, majors investing in juniors, and juniors' exploration programs.

    "Focused on Exploration" Joe Mazumdar interviews Morgan Poliquin, President & CEO of Azucar Minerals Ltd.

    Joe Mazumdar, Exploration Insights and Morgan Poliquin, President and CEO of Azucar Minerals Ltd. discuss the company's focus on exploration at the September 2018 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver.

    "Future Prospects" Joe Mazumdar interviews Brandon Macdonald, CEO of Fireweed Zinc Ltd.

    Joe Mazumdar, Exploration Insights and Brandon Macdonald, CEO of Fireweed Zinc Ltd. discuss company's future prospects after closing the company's summer program at the September 2018 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver.

    MIF September 2018 - Joe Mazumdar Presentation: "Precious metals market. Diversified perspectives from Colorado"

    Joe presented a summary of his and Brent's impressions at the 2018 Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Colorado, derived from the panel Joe moderated, conversations with colleagues. and other presentations.

    Brent Cook: I Anticipate a Slow and Steady Rise In Gold Prices

    Brent discusses the Beaver Creek Mining Conference which occurred recently in Colorado, and why it's one of the best venues for up and coming resource plays in the industry. He discusses recent trends involving junior and major mining companies, the price of gold, and investment strategies.  

    Expert Advice on Investing in Today’s Resource Markets

    Topics covered in this interview: The 2018 Beaver Creek Precious Metal Summit. Reflections on the investor panel discussion Joe moderated. Discussing good commodities to invest in right now. Commentary on the uranium and vanadium markets. Is there a strong catalyst for a rising gold price? How Joe & Brent Cook approach investing in resource stocks. Discussing mining jurisdictions

    Joe Mazumdar Discusses Mining Money Flows, Keen Commodities, Jurisdictional Risk, and Much More

    Exploration Insights editor and economic geologist Joe Mazumdar discusses the current state of the mining industry, insights from the so-called "smart money," how he handles jurisdictional risk, and much more in this interview with Outsider Club's Gerardo Del Real.

    Gold money and the North American view

    Veteran mining money managers have told the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit they’re up to their ears in gold stocks right now, but broader investor apathy towards both the metal and equities is stopping forward momentum for many companies in the North American gold space. ASX-listed companies are a different story, but it might take a US recession to pull their US and Canadian cousins out of their current funk. Joe Foster from VanEck joined Sprott US Holdings senior executive Steve Todoruk and Resource Capital Funds' Josh Parrill on a panel moderated by Joe Mazumdar at the Summit.

    Are We Seeing An Australian Mining Invasion?

    An increased Australian presence can be felt at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek. “I personally think that these Australians might be thinking the growth is not in Australia Pacific, maybe Australia’s got some advantages but I don’t think they’re too keen on the Pacific,” Joe Mazumdar told Kitco News on the sidelines of the conference.

    2018 Precious Metals Summit—Keynote Investor Panel featuring Joe Foster, Josh Parrill and Steve Todoruk; Moderated by Joe Mazumdar

    Useful insight from Institutional Equity w/ Joe Foster of Van Eck Gold Funds, the Retail sector w/ Steve Todoruk of Sprott Global and, finally, private equity w/ Josh Parrill of Resource Capital Funds.

    Miners Have Reached Peak Production; These Companies Will Benefit

    As a whole, the gold mining sector has reached peak production, so investors should look for major miners engaged in exploration work, this according to Brent Cook of Exploration Insights: “I do sense that the gold industry as a whole is going to be a lot tougher to increase overall miners for the major miners,” Cook told Kitco News. 

    The Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show - The Sectors that are Catching our Eye

    Joe joins Cory Fleck in Segments 2 and 3 to discuss  the gold market, the companies he is focusing on, and the base metal and lithium sectors

    Joe Mazumdar on Trade Wars, Gold’s Vomiting Camel, & Why Now Is a Good Time to Double Down on Strong Exploration Companies

    Gerardo Del Real and Joe talk about gold, base metals, reshuffling the EI portfolio, geopolitics, and investing in the current environment.

    At the Bar StockPulse Series Episode 01

    Join Mickey and Brent with Kelly Earle from Skeena Resources at the Sprott 2018 conference as they discuss the latest in the resource sector.

    Major Mining Companies Looking for Quality Junior Assets

    In this Wall Street View, our host caught up with Brent Cook, Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium 2018 in Vancouver, BC. They talk about the current state of the junior mining market including metal prices, acquisitions, top picks, and what it takes to invest successfully in the sector.

    “It’s chaotic as hell out there”

    In this interview with SmallCapPower at the 2018 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver, Exploration Insights newsletter publisher Brent Cook talks about why he is excited about certain junior resource stocks despite the current weakness in the mining sector and why he believes the major stock markets could be peaking.

    Conversations With Goldfinger #3: Honest Strategies for Mining Stock Speculation, Brent Cook

    Here is Goldfinger's (CEO.CA's member and article writer) July 2018 conversation with Brent. Despite following him for several years, Goldfinger still had plenty of questions to ask Brent such as how he found his way into doing what he does now and what are some of the biggest red flags that he looks for as an investor. During a tough year for the junior mining sector the Exploration Insights portfolio is up about 10% year-to-date which is a commendable performance considering that most junior mining portfolios are probably down double-digit percentages at this point in the year.

    The Korelin Economic Report Weekend Show — Sat 28 Jul, 2018

    On this week’s show Cory Fleck touches on the US markets, bond market, and metals. In Segment 4 he talks withBrent about the prospect generator model and a couple companies Brent likes.

    Exploration Financing, Facts and Stock Pick

    Speaking with the Investing News Network at this year’s Sprott Natural Resources Symposium, Brent shared his thoughts on the exploration sector, why facts matter when looking at a project and how to approach this flat market season. Watch the video to learn more about his thoughts and his top stock pick for the rest of the year.

    Is The Next Big Gold Discovery In Australia?

    It may be difficult for another large, high quality deposit to be discovered in Australia anytime soon, as the saturated exploration market and large number of miners operating in the continent means that such a deposit would have already turned up, Joe told Daniela Cambone on the sidelines of the Noosa Mining & Exploration Investment Conference.  

    Playing the Looming Mine Shortage with MicroCap Explorers | Planet MicroCap Showcase 2018

    Lunch with Brent Cook, Exploration Insights: "Playing the Looming Mine Shortage with MicroCap Explorers" Panel at the Planet MicroCap Showcase 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

    At The Bar with Mickey Fulp and Brent Cook at the IMIC 2018

    Brent, Mickey Fulp, and Kelly Earle meet once again to discuss the projects Brent and Mickey have been to lately and those they like at the moment.

    Copper market research, Insights into Fireweed's PEA, Revival's resource estimate

    In Segment 7, Cory Fleck and Joe talk about Joe's recent copper market research and his insights into Fireweed's PEA and Revival's resource estimate.

    "PEA Shows Extremely Desirable Results" Joe Mazumdar and Brandon Macdonald of Fireweed Zinc Ltd.

    Joe Mazumdar and Brandon Macdonald discuss Fireweed Zinc's PEA results at the Metals Investor Forum on May 25, 2018 in Vancouver.

    "Lithium Equities" - Joe Mazumdar and Sam Pigott of Advantage Lithium Corp.

    Joe Mazumdar and Sam Pigott, VP Corporate Development sit down at the Metals Investor Forum on May 25, 2018 to discuss the state of the lithium market and the expected turn around in the second half of the year.

    "Busy Season" - Joe Mazumdar and Paddy Nicol of Evrim Resources Corp.

    Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights sits down with Paddy Nicol, President, CEO and Director of Evrim Resources the Metals Investor Conference May 2018, to talk about their busy season.

    "Majors are running out of Ore" - Brent Cook on the Mining Sector at the IMIC in Vancouver

    Brent Cook with Exploration Insights discusses his view on the Major Mining Companies, the shortfall of ore and the cash flowing into Junior Projects. "We need new high quality deposits to stay in business"

    Is Trouble In The Gold Market “Fake News?” - Cambridge House International Mining Investment Conference, Expert Panel (Part 1)

    Guest(s): Brent Cook, Ivan Bebek Executive Chairman Auryn Resources, E.B. Tucker editor at Casey Research. Investors seem to be disinterested in the precious metals space, but not all industry insiders support the notion that gold is in a bad place right now. Ivan Bebek, CEO of Auryn Resources, said that miners are not in a bad place, citing low valuations and the opportunity to be bought out, making this the “best shopping place to be ever.” Still, others share mixed feelings. Brent Cook of Exploration Insights, said that an improving U.S. economy along with rising rates from the U.S. Fed, all add downward pressure on gold. Watch as experts debate on the future of gold prices in this uncertain and volatile environment.

    Myth-Busting: Gold Prices Rallies Not Needed To Make Money - Cambridge House International Mining Investment Conference, Expert Panel (Part 2)

    Investors shouldn’t be too caught up in potential metals price rallies, since there are opportunities to make money even if prices trade sideways, this according to the panelists at the International Mining Investment Conference in Vancouver. Ivan Bebek, CEO of Auryn Resources, noted that if a miner has successful projects, market prices are irrelevant to the miner’s stock outperforming. “2014, we sold a company where we drilled 100 holes, we didn’t have a resource, amidst the bear market, for $200 million,” Bebek said. Still, some on the panel said that it depends on which metal you’re leveraged to. “There are gold companies that will double as gold moves and silver companies that will legitimately go ten times,” said E.B. Tucker, editor at Casey Research.

    Cambridge House International, May 2018 - Top Stock Picks of 2018 - Brent Cook, Mickey Fulp, and David Erfle

    What are your top stock picks of 2018? Cambridge House International May 2018 conference's expert panel is here with exclusive insight into stocks that could maximize your investments. Watch as Brent Cook (Exploration Insights), Mickey Fulp (Mercenary Geologist), Cory Fleck (Korelin Economics Report) and David Erfle (Junior Miner Junky) put the spotlight on some of their top stock picks.

    Brent Cook: It's a Good Time to be in Mining — but be Selective

    Brent Cook of Exploration Insights says while institutional and retail funds are scarce "the people who know the industry the best" are putting money into juniors.

    Ellis Martin Report with Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp

    Ellis Martin conducts an impromptu interview with Brent Cook of Exploration Insights and Mickey Fulp, The Mercenary Geologist at The International Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver, BC.

    This Is Where The Next Big Gold Discovery Might Be - Brent Cook

    The next big discovery of precious metals is likely to come out of Latin America, said Brent Cook of Exploration Insights. “I would guess we’re going to see it probably in Latin America, somewhere between Argentina and Mexico,” he told Kitco News on the sidelines of the International Mining Investment Conference in Vancouver. The major mining companies are running out of reserves, so investors must look to the juniors for new projects and discoveries,  according to Cook. 

    PDAC 2018: Brent Cook talks rocks with Morgan Poliquin of Almadex Minerals (TSX-V: AMZ)

    Brent and Morgan Poliquin discuss the El Cobre Au-Cu deposit in Mexico, including geology, the recent deal with Newcrest and upcoming drilling plans.

    PDAC 2018: Brent Cook talks rocks with Kevin Heather of Regulus Resources (TSX-V: REG)

    Brent walks the floor of PDAC 2018 and stops by the core shack of Regulus Resources (TSX-V: REG). He talks with Kevin Heather, Chief Geologist, about the Antakori project in Peru.

    The Abstract Art of Mining Exploration

    During PDAC 2018, Minaurum Gold interviewed Brent and Joe and they talk specifically about junior mining explorers and the exploration cycle, resource/reserve/grade reports for year end 2017 by the majors,what this means for the sector going forward, active vs. passive exploration arrangements, Trump and much more.

    Making Sense of the Financing Discrepancy Seen This Year So Far

    Weekend Show for Saturday, March 17, 2018 — In Segment 3, Joe takes a look at the metals sector and the financing discrepancy we have seen this year.

    PDAC 2018: Oreninc Interview with Brent Cook & Joe Mazumdar

    Brent and Joe stop by for a chat with Oreninc about the current market sentiment, investments by the majors, battery metals and trends at PDAC.

    MIF March 2018, Toronto - "Jewels of the Crown", Joe in Conversation with Graham Carman, CEO of Tinka Resources

    Joe interviews Graham Carman, President, CEO and Director of Tinka Resources Ltd., at the March 3, 2018, Metals Investor Forum in Toronto

    Gold Deals, Stock Pick, and What to Avoid in 2018

    Speaking with the Investing News Network at this year’s Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference, Brent and Joe shared their top stock pick and thoughts on the exploration sector. Brent, who believes there will be more activity from majors in 2018 and 2019, spoke about what majors look for when closing a deal with a junior. For his part, Joe explained the different approaches from majors when investing in juniors. Brent also discussed what factors on which investors should keep an eye when checking for flaws in a project. Meanwhile, Joe shared his thoughts on Pretium Resources (TSX:PVG,NYSE:PVG) and the problems with grade reconciliation at its project.


    Facts Trump Fiction in Exploration Analysis

    Brent's presentation at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2018.

    The Benefits and Downfalls of Resource Estimates

    Joe explains his view on resource estimates in Segment 4 of the Weekend Show.


    Segment 4: Joe Mazumdar shares his thoughts on a number of resource markets during the first month of the year and comments on PMs, Copper, Zinc, and Lithium.

    The Northern Miner podcast – episode 89: The AME Roundup uber special ft. Exploration Insights

    (Minutes 8:00 to 31:00). Matthew Kevil sits down with Brent and Joe to chat about their impressions of the conference and some predictions on what might be coming up for the industry in the year ahead. They talk about metal fundamentals, major miners investing in exploration-stage companies, and lithium chemistry. (20:50). Furthermore, Brent digs into the "prospect generator" model and why he remains optimistic on its potential for value generation (23:30), as well as the state of U.S. capital markets. (14:51)

    Top Stocks and What to Look for in Juniors

    Speaking with the Investing News Network at this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, Brent and Joe shared their thoughts on the exploration sector, what to look for in juniors and their top stock picks.

    Metals Investor Forum Special — YouTube Playlist

    We compiled a number of videos from the January 2018 session of the Metals Investor Forum, including the following presentations and interviews:

    • Joe's presentation titled "A Year of Living Dangerously"
    • Short interviews conducted by Joe with CEO's of six companies currently in our portfolio: Mirasol, Evrim, Advantage Lithium, Fireweed, EMX Royalty, and Riverside
    • Presentations by companies' CEOs
    To Pick Miners, Look For Potential Buyouts

    Straight from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2018, Brent is interviewed by Daniela Cambone and lays down his ideas for the new year: “What we’re really looking for is high-margin, early-stage discoveries, in any metal that a company can make money on, that a major company will buy. So I don’t care if it’s lithium, zinc, copper, gold, it’s more about the upside potential.” But there are a few things to avoid, including cobalt, uranium, and cryptocurrencies.“I get the value there,” he added, referring to blockchain technologies, “but we’re not going to get into that bubble."

    2018 Outlook from Exploration Insights' Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar

    Neils Christensen ask Bent and Joe how they would invest $100k into the mining sector and also gets their take on what 2018 has in store for invsrtors.

    These Are The 3 Companies Brent Cook & Joe Mazumdar Like In 2018

     The Kitco News' Expert Series brings together well-known investors and Kitco regulars to find out where they will be putting their money in the future. This year, in a new twist to the feature, Kitco News has asked some of the most influential mining sector newsletter writers how they would invest $100K in the mining sector in 2018. While the mining sector has struggled to maintain momentum, 2017 has been anything but boring with new assets like cryptocurrencies making waves in financial markets. What does 2018 have in store? Check out what Joe and Brent have to say.

    BNN Advisor—Commodities for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

    Starting on minute 15:30, Brent is interviewed by Paul Bagnell about the commodity trends for the coming months; they discuss gold and base and battery metals.


    Joe and Cory Fleck look at a wide range of metals including, base metals, battery metals, uranium, and the precious metals. They also touch on a couple stocks that Joe likes in each and he and Brent are looking for in terms of quality stocks.

    Minimizing Risk when Investing in the Junior Resource Market

    Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest interviews Joe after they met in Argentina during a site visit to a couple of lithium projects.

    Majors Spending More this Year Following 6-year Decline

    In this interview with SmallCapPower at the New Orleans 2017 Investment Conference, Exploration Insights newsletter Publisher Brent Cook says major mining companies have increased exploration activity this year following five straight years of decline. He also mentions a few ‘tough’ questions he likes to ask companies, and offers up some resource stock picks.

    Exploration Trends

    Joe discusses gold supply and major producers and summarizes the primary exploration trends of 2017 at the November Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver.

    Is Chile a High Priority Destination for Exploration? by Joe Mazumdar, Chile Explore Presentation

    Joe discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of exploring for metals in Chile concluding that there is work to do within the country to make it easier for juniors to operate within it.

    Resources: New Concepts in New Settings Driving the Market

    Shelly Kraft interviewed Brent at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference. They discussed the resurgence of story (discovery)-driven mining projects at the hands of juniors as majors struggle to find ore to replenish their pipelines, and also talked about some of the key indicators of a quality mining project, base metals in the spotlight, and the mining industry outlook for next year.

    Why Prospect Generators?

    Brent sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable at the 2017 New Orleans Investment Conference to discuss the merits of owning Prospect/Project Generators. Listeners will gain the fundamental building blocks of what is defined as a Prospect/Project Generator, which in many regards are overlooked by speculators in the natural resource space. As a bonus, discussions on EMX Royalty Corp., Millrock Resources, and Riverside Resources.

    Brent Cook: Majors are Looking at This Type of Junior

    Major miners have cut back on exploration dramatically in the last few years, but according to Brent, this year they’ve started moving back into that arena once again. And more importantly, they’re starting to fund juniors. He believes majors will have to start looking at a different type of junior moving forward. “It’s getting tougher. The easy ones were acquired last year,” he explained. “I think what we’re going to see is [majors] starting to pick up projects that are not to the feasibility stage, are not in production.”

    Greenfield exploration could become a bigger factor in Latin American mineral discovery rates over the next decade

    Speaking to Mining Journal Latin America editor Paul Harris on a Mining Agenda podcast on the sidelines of the 2017 Mining & Investment Latin America Summit, Joe said majors had “outsourced” a lot of their brownfield and greenfield exploration out to juniors over the past decade or more. Small companies had led the surge in new exploration spending over the past 12-18 months in Ecuador, Colombia and other parts of the continent with a ‘use-it-or-lose’ approach to turning over ground tenure. For more of his views on exploration trends in Latin America, listen to the podcast.

    Novo Resources: The Greatest Gold Discovery since 1886?

    Brent Cook, John Kaiser and Michael Oliver return. Novo Resources, a sponsor to this show, has seen its shares rise from C$0.83 on July 10 to C$8.51 on Oct. 3. Visual reports and early sampling have revealed a rich field of near surface gold nuggets in northwestern Australia that reportedly appears over an 8 km distance and may extend many kilometers down dip. In quest of the next Witwatersrand gold deposit from which over 35% of the world’s gold has been mined, Novo’s Dr. Hennigh’s geological theories led him to this discovery. But has Hennigh actually discovered Witwatersrand 2.0? If so, is a current market cap of around $750 million justified? Both Cook, an astute geologist, and Kaiser, an experienced analyst with a focus on out-of-the-box geological theories, visited this exciting new discovery. They will provide independent views on those questions and more. As usual, Oliver will provide his latest data-driven thoughts on the gold and other markets of major concern. Brent starts at the 14:06 mark and Kaiser at 37:15.

    A Conversation with Brent Cook of Exploration Insights

    In this conversation with Brian Leni, Brent highlighted one key to success for junior exploration companies is to turn through as many prospects as possible with minimum dilution to early shareholders. Case in point, prospect generators. They also talk about outlook on gold, rising zinc price and its effect on junior zinc companies, electrification of the world and its effect on the resource sector, and major mining companies—why and how they invest in junior companies.

    If Gold Prices Stay At These Levels, There Will Be a Problem

    With gold price trading below $1,300 an ounce, one geologist says we may be running out of gold. “If the gold price stays at these levels, there’s not enough quality ounces,” Exploration Insights’ Joe Mazumdar told Kitco News at the Mines & Money conference in Toronto. The problem? There is not enough exploration, he said. “Grassroots exploration as a proportion of exploration expenditures for gold has been declining since 2003, the majors are just not doing it,” he explained. “Right now, it’s difficult to find grassroots explorers that are well valued in terms of risk-reward ratio.”

    Joe Mazumdar's Market Outlook

    Joe Mazumdar, co-editor and analyst at Exploration Insights, takes viewer questions on junior mining stocks.

    The Northern Miner podcast – episode 75: Live from the 2017 Precious Metals Summit ft. Brent Cook

    Lesley Stokes reports on location from the event and sits down with Brent to talk about one of the hottest exploration stories in the industry right now: Novo Resources (TSXV: NVO; USOTC: NSRPF) and its Purdy’s Reward paleoplacer gold prospect in Western Australia. Brent recently returned from a visit to the site, and discusses potential geology and investment prospects for the company.

    Without This, Major Gold Producers Won’t Survive - Brent Cook

    Major gold producers are paying more attention to the junior mining sector, geologist and popular newsletter publisher Brent Cook told Kitco News at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Find out why.

    Risk & Reward Part II, ft. Joe Mazumdar

    Matt Keevil sits down with Joe to talk development risk and investor strategy. The discussion includes a round-up of recent development projects that have experienced some growing pains including Red Eagle Mining's (TSX: R; US-OTC: RDEMF) San Ramon operation in Colombia; New Gold's (TSX: NGD; NYSE-MKT: NGD) Rainy River mine in Ontario; and TMAC Resources' (TSX: TMR; US-OTC: TMMFF) Hope Bay project in Nunavut. We also dig into Alamos Gold's (TSX: AGI; NYSE: AGI) recent acquisition of Richmont Mines (TSX: RIC; NYSE: RIC) and what to expect from Canada's gold majors moving into the fourth quarter of 2017. Joe also outlines his investment thoughts following the recent rally in precious and base metal prices, and offers investors some advice on strategies when it comes to mine development.

    Exclusive Insights on the Gold Market

    Brent Cook joins Cory Fleck to share his thoughts on the gold sector. He is optimistic on a slow rise in the gold price over next year and discusses the actions of the major companies in the sector as well as the massive number of drill results that are expected through year end.

    Exploration Insights Co-Editor talks prospect generators and says he sees some encouraging signs for junior resource stocks

    In this interview with SmallCapPower at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver, Exploration Insights Co Editor Joe Mazumdar discusses why supply issues with some commodities could be good for exploration stocks, especially gold, and why he favours prospect generators. Find out which other encouraging signs he sees that should benefit junior resource stocks going forward by watching our short video interview.

    Junior Exploration Stocks Have Seen More Interest Recently: Brent Cook

    In this interview with SmallCapPower at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver, Exploration Insights newsletter publisher Brent Cook discusses what he sees as increased investor interest in junior exploration stocks in the past two months. He also mentions specific commodities that he likes at this time and what he’s “really keen on.”

    Turd Ferguson's A2A with Brent Cook

    With mining shares already up 10% YTD and seemingly poised for a breakout, what a great time to pick the brain of the always-insightful Brent Cook of Exploration Insights: We are set for a nice market going forward in the next few years.

    From the International Metal Writers Conference, Al KorelinTalks with Brent Cook, Rick Rule, and Frank Holmes

    Brent attended the International Metal Writers Conference in Vancouver, B.C. this past Sunday and Monday. The following is a recorded live panel discussion moderated by Al Korelin and with the participation of Brent, Rick Rule, and Frank Holmes. Enjoy listening as it was a good one.

    Top Stock Picks With Guest Joe Mazumdar

    Joe was interviewed by Jay Taylor to discuss some of our stock picks in zinc (Segment 1) and gold (Segment 2).

    "It's a Very Exciting Time for Us" - Joe Mazumdar and Tinka's CEO Graham Carman

    Joe Mazumdar, Co-Editor of Exploration Insights, interviews Tinka Resources CEO Graham Carman at the May 5-6 Metals Investor Forum.

    Joe outlines EI's play of finding cash flowing mining companies over the summer

    Segment 8 of the Korelin Economics Report.

    GDXJ Rebalancing has Significant Implications for Gold Equities

    A “victim of its own success” is how the overgrown VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) has been described. The coming mid-June “GDXJ Rebalancing” follows from VanEck’s recently announced MVGDXJ index inclusion changes – bigger companies in (up to US$3 billion market cap), smaller ones out. Inflation of the fund size in the past two years means the change has significant implications for a large number of gold equities, as Sprott’s Rick Rule and Exploration Insights’ Joe Mazumdar observe in this podcast.

    Episode 59: The mega M&A show ft. Joe Mazumdar

    Matthew Keevil sits down with Joe to talk about the recent surge in investment activity, namely major and/or intermediate miners participating in joint ventures, equity placements, and partnerships with explorers and junior companies.

    Something to do while we are waiting for the next big one

    In segment 7, Brent shares his outlook on the GDXJ rebalancing as well as a few zinc companies they are following in his newsletter.

    Metals Investor Forum May 2017: Too Big to Fail? A Review of Major Gold Producers

    In his presentation at the MIF held in Vancouver May 5 and 6, 2017, Joe discusses gold supply, major producers, and their impact on junior miners.

    Joe Mazumdar’s Update on Junior Mining at Metals Investor Forum

    Jordan Roy-Byrne interviews Joe after his presentation at the Metals Investor Forum.

    Inflection Points and Junior Mining Sector in 2017

    In this Wall Street View, Shelly Kraft caught up with Brent Cook, Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights at the Planet MicroCap Showcase, April 26-28, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

    Brucejack mine sprints into operation

    In an article featuring Exploration Insights, Joe contends that the fundamental matter at Brucejack "has been, and potentially will continue to be, the issue about the underlying resource."

    Cut the Wheat from the Chaff of Mining

    Investment in precious-metals mining is extremely speculative; the strong downside and upside potential drives the approach of Exploration Insights. The content of this episode is more technical for non-specialist listeners. Hang in there until the end, because both Brien Lundin and Joe Mazumdar give their wisdom on how one can get better acquainted with the industry.

    Exploration Insights Investigates Callinex Mines (TSXV:CNX)

    Exploration Insights editor Joe Mazumdar travels to Flin Flon, Manitoba to tour the Pine Bay property of Callinex Mines (TSXV:CNX), a junior zinc exploration company traded on the TSXV.

    Brent Cook Names Two Top Picks

    In this audio conversation with Jay Taylor, Brent talks of a shortfall of new gold discoveries and how major discoveries by junior exploration companies can lead to massive profits for shareholders of those companies. Brent names two companies he believes have a good chance of making major gold discoveries.

    NI-4301 Technical Reports: What are they good for?

    As part of the lead up to PDAC 2017, the Canadian Securities Exchange, along with Clark Wilson LLP, co-hosted PreDAC Vancouver. Joe Mazumdar provided a great overview of the NI 43-101technical reports and how these reports are used to help understand a natural resource company's prospects.

    Brent Cook on the changing landscape for exploration companies

    In the first two segments of the show Al Korelin and Brent discuss the overall resource market for exploration companies, then get into some zinc and gold explorers that Brent likes.

    Exploration-stage Gold Plays are the Place to Be

    Charlotte McLeod talked with Joe about the reasons major miners’ gold reserves are declining, and they also discuss a commodity that is not in Exploration Insights radar.

    Finding That Lottery Ticket Discovery

    Sunny Pannu interviews Joe and they discuss moving upstream in the precious and base metal mining sector.

    Mining Investors, Watch Out For 'Alternative Facts'

    Money is flowing back into the mining industry, but investors need to do their due diligence when picking mining companies, warns Brent Cook. Speaking with Kitco News at the PDAC convention, he said it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, or as he put it, “facts from alternative facts.”

    Production is declining and miners aren’t replacing reserves

    These were two issues discussed between Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone and Exploration Insights’ Joe Mazumdar during the PDAC convention in Toronto.

    Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar take viewer questions on the Junior Mining Sector

    The annual BNN Market Call Tonight Q&A during PDAC with Ctaherine Murray, including a review of last year’s top picks and presenting this year’s.

    Gold Fundamentals Strong As PDAC Looms

    Shrinking exploration budgets, production, and reserves will drive metal prices up as demand strengthens.

    At the Bar with Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp, VRIC 2017

    Hosted by Leslie Stokes and with guest appearance by Jeff Reeder from Duran Ventures Inc. What to look for in the future: three geologists' big-picture perspective on three district-scale plays.

    Insights on the Resource Market with Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar

    Brian Leni interviews Brent: "I recently had the opportunity to ask Cook some questions about the current gold market, and how he thinks the average investor can tilt the odds in their favour when buying companies in the junior resource sector." Clear, concise, informative.

    Mariana Resources is just too good to sell

    Joe talks to Mariana Resources Ltd.'s COO Eric Ross about the Hot Maden deposit in Turkey.

    Why Nighthawk Gold holds one of Canada's most promising gold projects

    Joe talks to Michael Byron, CEO and President of Nighthawk Gold Corp., about the company's projects in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

    The best thing about your letter is that you are not afraid to say SELL

    Segment 8: Recorded live from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, Brent and Joe discuss with Cory Fleck the opportunities they see for investors in the resource sector.

    Ace Analyst Joe Mazumdar Kicks Tires on Cordoba Minerals at Roundup 2017

    Cordoba Minerals is a Colombian copper and gold explorer backed by Robert Friedland and led by CEO Mario Stifano. VP Exploration Chris Grainger tells Joe Mazumdar all about about it.

    Brent Investigates a Promising Find in Ecuador

    Brent investigates SolGold, a company focused on the riches of the North Andean Copper Belt in Ecuador. The Company has announced several world class intersections of continuous copper and gold mineralisation from their flagship project Cascabel.

    Nevsun's Copper Grades in Serbia Are 'Ridiculous'

    Joe talks to representatives from Nevsun Resources about their copper project in Serbia at the 2017 Roundup Convention in Vancouver, Jan 24, 2016.

    Roundup 2017: The Northern Miner interviews Brent and Joe at the AME Roundup

    Matthew Keevil sits down with Brent and Joe at AME BC's Roundup 2017 Conference to chat about the state of resource markets, and what investment opportunities might be emerging this year. Brent digs into the "fake news" phenomenon and how it manifests itself in terms of mining companies news releases, drill reporting, and marketing. Meanwhile, Joe discusses cut versus uncut drill results, and how he analyzes results from companies depending on the stage of the project. We also talk the emerging zinc narrative, and how we seem to hear that the metal is ready for a bounce back every year. Brent and Joe drill down into what they'll be looking for in terms of exploration investments in 2017, and the patterns they've seen emerging in terms of major miners and district-scale opportunities.

    Exploration Insights: Bullish On Precious & Base Metals In 2017

    Jochen Steiger catches up with Brent and Joe at the 2017 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

    Joe Recaps his Presentation at Metals Investor Forum

    Review of Exploration Insights 2016 performance, market current state and 2017 forecast, and investment strategies moving forward.

    Identify Your Bias at Least so You Know Where You are Coming From

    Brent names two top picks and talks of fatal flaws to look for in junior mining stocks.

    Invest Like Brent Cook... Which 5 Companies is This Geo Liking?

    While looking at potential sector drivers in 2017, Brent and Joe provide five companies they see as top picks at the start of the new year.

    Precious preferred over base metals in 2017

    Joe tells BNN why he prefers gold over base metals this year and discusses some of his company picks.

    Brent Cook and his outlook for 2017
    Insights Into The Business of Exploration

    At the New Orleans Investment Conference October 26-29, Brent chaired a panel discussion titled "Insights Into The Business of Exploration”. It is a one hour video featuring David Cole (President Eurasian Minerals), Adrian Day (Famed economist and money manager), and Dan James (President MedGold). We think this is an exceptional session that covered a number of very germane topics related to investing in junior mining companies.  To view the discussion requires your first name and email address. Signing in gets you Brien Lundin’s free Golden Opportunities e-letter. It is easy to unsubscribe if you so desire.

    Arizona Mining and majors' 2017 strategies, featuring Joe Mazumdar

    Start at mark 11:12: Mathew Keevil and Joe talk about Arizona Mining's (TSX: AZ; US-OTC: WLDVF) ongoing battle with the Global Mining Observer over manganese concerns, and they also dig into investing strategies for the new year in terms of downside protection and gold leverage. Bonus: Joe gives his thoughts on the strategies gold majors, like Agnico Eagle Mines (TSX: AEM; NYSE: AEM) and Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), might take heading into 2017.

    Want to Invest in Mining in 2017? Look Out For This - Brent Cook | OUTLOOK 2017

    It is no secret that 2016 proved to be a positive year for the mining sector, with some gold and silver stocks rallying over 100%. Could this happen again in 2017? Giving his outlook on the sector, Exploration Insights’ Brent Cook joins Kitco News on a special Outlook 2017 edition of the Gold Report, where he shares some insights as to what he thinks is in store for miners next year. ‘My expectation is that we’re going to see the precious metals back off into early next year as the markets continue its [...] unjustified rise, and the dollar as well,’ he said. ‘But reality is going to set in next year and once it does, I expect investors move back into precious metals.’ Cook also shares his top mining picks and what effects, if any, President-elect Donald Trump can have on the sector in 2017.

    A2A with Brent Cook: Brent's wisdom and experience can actually help you make (and save) some fiat

    The conversation with Turd Ferguson began with a general discussion of the year in review as well as Brent's take on whether mining CEOs will now have a different view of the Bullion Banks in light of the recent discoveries of coercion and price manipulation. From there, Brent shares his opinion on more than twenty individual companies and their prospects, the names of which were submitted by Vault subscribers at the TFMR.

    Colombia's Mining Future and 2017 Outlook

    Segment 4: Joe was interviewed by Cory Fleck. Overview of Colombia's current mining environment and a general look at resources stocks and his outlook for 2017.

    Don’t Get Fooled Again: Tips for Investing in the Junior Mining Sector

    Joe's presentation focuses on Fatal Flaws: Risks associated with any junior mining project are part of the package and can’t be avoided. The onus is on the management team to develop a viable strategy for its asset and execute upon it while mitigating such risks. An investor's ability to find fatal flaws ahead of the crowd is the critical element to profiting from imagined and real discoveries in the junior mining sector.

    Growth: Margin versus Volume. Adjusting for Changing Themes in the Gold Industry

    Joe's presentation at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver, November 12, 2016. You can access the Power Point Presentation here:

    Year-End Update on Junior Mining Sector

    In this Wall Street View, Shelly Kraft caught up with Brent Cook, Editor/Geologist of Exploration Insights at the New Orleans Investment Conference 2016.

    Dishing Out The Dirt

    Although being a geologist may have its perks, it can sometimes be a pretty unpredictable profession. Take it from Brent Cook and his geologist friends, who shared some of their craziest stories with Daniela Cambone from Kitco News at the New Orleans Investment Conference. Everything from getting stuck in a military dungeon and encountering drug lords and Chinese police to fighting off grizzly bears.

    New Orleans Investment Conference Exclusive Coverage – What it Takes to be a Buy-Out Company

    In this interview Cory sat down with Brent and chatted about the types of companies Brent thinks will be buy out targets for the larger miners in the sector. They also touch on the impressive drill results from Mariana Resources that were released last week.

    Exploration Insights Current Investment Strategy

    Segment 7: Joe was interviewed by Cory Fleck and Al Korelin about the investment strategy him and Brent are using for their portfolio. Correction from Joe –“Mis-spoke on the tail end of the interview, I meant to say low cost for the Kibali project in the DRC but I said low grade.”

    Wall Street View with Joe Mazumdar - Do's and Don'ts in Resource Investing

    In this Wall Street View, Shelley Kraft spoke with Joe at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, CO and they discuss investing in exploration companies, do’s and don’ts in resource investing, how to get started, what to look for right now, how to assess management, Mergers and Acquisitions, capital expenditures in junior mining, expectations moving forward, and what global districts he looks at.

    From the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Joe Shares his Current Thoughts on the Junior Sector.

    Jordan Roy-Byrne interviews Joe

    Editor Matthew Keevil sits down with Joe for a wide-ranging discussion on the resource sector

    Topics include the recent resource estimation troubles for Orezone Gold at the Bomboré gold project in Burkina Faso, and the murky world of resource estimates and 43-101 reports. Also covered are Pretium Resources‘ Brucejack gold project in northwestern B.C. and Nevsun Resources‘ Bisha operation in Eritrea. What is the deal with zinc markets? Bonus topics: managing investment risk, where’s the upside, and more!

    Colorado Resources, OreZone Gold Corp., and Fatal Flaws

    On segment 5, Brent shares his insights on Colorado Resources, OreZone Gold Corp., and fatal flaws to watch for when investing.

    What to Look for in Management Teams Before Investing

    Brent joined Al Korelin and Cory Fleck for a general talk on investing in resource companies. The focus was on what Brent looks for in a management team. The wrap-up is a quick comment on the number of shares that will be free trading very shortly.

    At the Bar Summer 2016 session from the Sprott Conference

    Christina McCarthy from McEwen Mining interviews Brent, Mickey, and guest Jeff Phillips from Global Market Developments.

    Exploration Leaders On Precious Metals Stocks: Remember That Quality Is Important

    Tekoa Da Silva interviews Brent Cook, Joe Mazumdar, John-Mark Staude and Morgan Poliquin following the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver. The panel participants share their thoughts on the current state of the resource market with Sprott’s Thoughts readers. They explain where the resource industry has been, where it is now, and where it is headed.

    Economic Deposits with Buyout Potential

    In this Wall Street View, the Stock News Now host catches up with Brent Cook at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium 2016 in Vancouver.

    The Secret to Where the Real Bull Market is

    Brent talks about the current state of the market and where he thinks the real bull market is—in new discoveries. He also mentions why gold “makes sense” as an investment at this point in time, and what changed his views on the yellow metal from negative to positive. Finally, he shares a few new discoveries he’s been looking at lately.

    Investor interest is growing in the resource sector and, it would appear, for all the right reasons

    Brent talks about his preference for project generator type companies and expresses optimism on the resource sector.

    Brent, from the floor at the 2016 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium

    Brent outlines a couple companies he likes.

    Joe, from the floor at the 2016 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium

    Joe shares the qualities he is looking for in companies to invest in at this moment.

    Focus on Mid-tiers...Time to Focus on Juniors?

    Sunny Pannu interviews Brent at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver, and they talk about developments in the mining sector since PDAC March 2016: where to focus, which countries to invest in, what has changed with the mid-tiers, and is it time to now look at the junior space?

    Junior Companies with High Valuations

    At the Sprott Conference in Vancouver, Brent says that he has noticed a strong run-up in the valuations of many junior companies, without a corresponding increase in the value of the properties they own. He joins BNN to explain how this might be resolved. Comments on Colorado Resources and Mariana Resources.

    Geopolitical Situation in Turkey and Outlook on Mining in the Yukon

    Joe joins BNN to share what he noticed while scoping out mining assets in Turkey and the Yukon.

    At the Bar--from Dawson City, Yukon Mining Alliance Condference

    Joe, Mickey Fulp and Gwen Preston discuss whether the Yukon is back in the investors radar; M&A acquisitions; the role of major and mid-tier companies in the potentially upcoming bull market.

    On the Floor of the Yukon Investment Conferencce Organized by the Yukon Mining Alliance

    Matthew Keevil is joined by Joe Mazumdar to discuss Newmont Mining's (NYSE:NEM) recent US$1.3-billion sale of its stake in the Batu Hijau copper-gold mine in Indonesia, the rebound in junior markets, investment strategy and downside protection, geopolitical risk, and investing in the Yukon.

    Following stories on Colorado Resources, Mariana Resources, and Nevsun Resources

    Brent shares his views on a couple of junior resource companies in Segment 3.

    Ask the Expert: Where are we Going from Here?

    Brent answers questions: new technologies; warning signs from unviable projects; the spike in precious metals prices and stocks; industrial and base metals; supply and demand; Klondex Mines, First Mining Finance, and Callinex Mines.

    Interest in the Resource Market in Terms of Financing, Quality vs. Leverage

    Joe Mazumdar discusses the difference between quality versus leverage for resource stock in Segment 4.

    Pretium Resources Analyst Opinion

    Joe Mazumdar took some time to answer a few general questions about his take on Pretium, and he also shared a few other names that the newsletter is looking at right now.

    Stories Investors are Paying Attention To

    Brent Cook, founder of Exploration Insights, shares his views on a couple of junior resource companies in Segment 3.

    Analyst Joe Mazumdar Talks Quality vs. Leverage Strategy

    Joe Mazumdar, coeditor of Brent Cook’s Exploration Insights, talks about quality and leverage strategies and why he focuses on quality assets.

    BNN Commodities - Quality assets getting harder to find

    Brent Cook joins BNN for a look at where the mining industry is going and how he is focused on quality assets over quantity. He also shares with us some up and coming projects he is watching.

    At the Bar, Metals Investor Forum, May 2016

    Brent Cook interviews Eira Thomas of Kaminak, Scott Trebilcock of Nevsun, and Peter Tallman of Klondike Gold. They discuss a number of topics including what to look for in a potential project, and what drew them to their current companies.

    Discussing Junior Picks in Anticipation of the 2016 Metals Investor Forum

    Jay Taylor interviews Brent Cook and Gwen Preston about some of their favorite gold and silver mining companies among those invited to the 2016 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver, May 14th and 15th.

    There are still potentially profitable plays in the mining space, but investors need to be cautious.

    Brent Cook and Daniela Cambone discuss the surge in metal stocks, a bit of recent history, and optionality plays on The Street.

    Investing in 'optionality' gold plays. How financing a project affects share holder value.

    Brent (segment 3) with his outlook for the PM stock sector. Joe (Segment 4) recaps his PDAC talk regarding the importance of capital structure for development companies.

    Joe Mazumdar: This is Why Mining Companies Fail

    Money is the lifeblood of any business, but how much is too much debt? Joe reveals his research findings to SmallCapPower at PDAC 2016 in this video interview.

    Doing it again in the Dominican Republic

    Exchange between Joe Mazumdar and GoldQuest Executive Chairman Bill Fisher on the Romero gold-copper project.

    Interview with Joe Mazumdar at PDAC 2016
    Interview with Brent Cook at PDAC 2016
    At the Bar, PDAC 2016

    Brent Cook, Joe Mazumdar, Mickey Fulp, Nikki Adshead-Bell, and Christina McCarthy discussing metals and the mining industry during the PDAC convention in Toronto.

    Cook & Mazumdar's Mining Outlook 2016

    Sunny Pannu interviews Brent and Joe during PDAC 2016.

    Brent and Joe fielding questions on stocks and commodities.

    Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar were the guests of Catherine Murray on the one-hour Market Call Tonight show on BNN. They fielded call-in and emailed questions on junior exploration and mining stocks and commodities.

    Brent Cook on high level god market and stocks he likes; Joe Mazumdar on all in sustaining costs.

    Brent and Joe talk with Cory Fleck in segments 1, 2 and 7.

    Brent on How to Analyze the Junior Mining Sector.

    Episode 17 - An educational conversation between Brent and Robert Kraft of Stocks News Now

    Why Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar Are Doubling Down on the Exploration and the Insights

    Brent and Joe share observations from their recent travels and a short list of companies they are compiling to take advantage of a possible upswing in gold in all currencies.

    At the Bar, VRIC 2016

    "At the Bar" with Brent, Mickey Fulp, Joe, Lesley Stokes and Nikki Adshead-Bell talking rocks and stocks.

    Kicking Tires on Mariana Resources

    Brent speaks with Mariana at the AME BC show.

    Mining Analyst Joe Mazumdar Gets An Update On Newmarket Gold

    Joe speaks with Newmarket at the AME BC Roundup, Vancouver.

    Mining Analyst Joe Mazumdar Investigates Kaizen's Coppermine Project

    Joe speaks with Kaizen at the AME BC Convention, Vancouver.

    Joe Mazumdar talks about joining Exploration Insights and the Rubicon debacle

    Joe on joining Exploration Insights; recent troubles faced by Rubicon Minerals; and more.

    Brent Cook: Revisiting Barkerville Gold, Now BGM

    Brent checks in at the AME BC Roundup Core shack.

    Brent Cook: Erdene's Bayan Khundii gold discovery

    Brent speaks with CEO Peter Akerley.

    Joe Mazumdar discusses his outlook on midcap miners.

    The Korelin Economics Report at Cambridge House, Vancouver, Segment 8.

    The 'Legend Series' continues.

    Brent speaks with Corey Fleck Segment 7.

    I´ve been Negative for the Past 4-5 Years, but I Started Buying Stocks Recently

    Brent talks to Jochen Staiger at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2016.

    Joe Mazumdar's Vision for Ethical Research

    Joe speaks with Tommy Humphreys.

    Brent Cook discusses mining companies.

    Brent speaks with Al Korelin on the Weekend Show.

    Better Exploration Scene for Mining to Come in 2016

    Outlook 2016. Brent speaks with Daniela Cambone.

    Brent presents his outlook for the junior mining sector in 2016 on BNN.

    You might be surprised.

    Searching for 'Legitimate' explorers Read Q & A

    Brent speaks with Daniel Gleeson.

    Brent Cook discusses Mine and Miners

    A2A with Brent Cook

    Brent Cook panel at the New Orleans Investment Conference

    Insights into the Business of Exploration

    From the San Francisco Silver Summit.

    Segment 1: Brent speaks with Cory Fleck.

    The Silent Rise of the Prospect Generator Model
    Could it get any better, or worse than this

    Brent presents at the Sprott Resource Conference.

    Brent speaks with Al Korelin from the Sprott/Stansberry Conference.

    Market bottoms, 90s and now. Segment 5.

    Brent speaks with Shelley Kraft of Stock News Now.

    How to invest in a down junior market.

    Brent Cook, Editor of Brent Cook's Exploration Insights, Interviewed on Market One Minute

    Brent speaks with Brien Lundin.

    The Turn of the Gold Market.

    Brent speaks with Al Korelin, Segment 5. Listen also to Segments 1 and 2, Grant Williams.

    Brent Cook, Exploration Analyst and Geologist. . . gives his market outlook.

    Brent speaks with Mark Bunting on Market Call.

    It's time to start accumulating resource stocks that have real value.

    Brent speaks with Vanessa Collette.

    Mining Picks: What Miner does Brent Cook Like?

    Alex Letourneau interviews Brent.

    Mining and Tequila

    At the Bar at PDAC with Brent Cook, Keith Neumeyer, Tommy Humphreys, and Alex Letourneau.

    Strategies and Guidelines for Investing in Junior Exploration Companies

    Jay Taylor interviews Brent on his internet radio show, "Turning Hard Times into Good Times."

    You Want To Identify The People And Properties That Can Last Through This Bottoming Period

    Brent discusses his philosophy of exploration and where we are in the current downturn with Tekoa Da Silva, SprottGlobal.

    Video: Why Brent Cook is happy to hold prospect generator Lara Exploration

    Walking the Floor with Brent Cook

    Leo Hathaway and Brent Cook on Finding Odin Mining’s Fatal Flaw

    Walking the Floor with Brent Cook

    Video: What’s next for mining’s most promising new discovery

    Walking the Floor with Brent Cook

    Video: Brent Cook and Ross McElroy discuss good Fission Uranium news, live from the PDAC

    Walking the Floor with Brent Cook

    Junior Mining, Exploration Stocks, and Commodities

    Brent answers calls and talks with Mark Bunting on Market Call Tonight.

    Why Brent Cook is Smiling

    Daneila Cambone interviews Brent at PDAC for Kitco News.

    Know the difference between a legitimate discovery and one that's 'just not going to work.

    Resource Investing News speaks with Brent in Vancouver.

    Don't buy crap.

    Brent talks with Carter Smith at the Cambridge show.

    Gold demand stays where it is

    Brent speaks with Vanessa Collette at the Cambridge House conference

    The Athabasca sweet spots.

    Brent speaks with Andrew Bell, BNN.

    Investing During the Era of Peak Gold Discoveries.

    The Gold Report's JT Long interviews Brent.

    Is 2015 The Year Miners Get Out Of The Rough?

    Brent is interviewed by Alex Letourneau.

    Peak Gold: Problem or Opportunity?

    Brent speaks with Shelley Kraft at the New Orleans Investment Conference

    In Segment 2 Brent talks about the junior resource market.

    Brent speaks with Al Korelin

    Mining Sector Felt Better 5 Years Ago, Reality Hit Hard

    Kitco's 5 Year Special: Brent speaks with Alex Letourneau.

    Precious Metals Summit Keynote Presentation

    Brent Cook and Rick Rule in conversation at the 2014 Precious Metals event.

    Exploration and the Junior Markets

    Brent is interviewed by the TF Metals Report

    Grim times a-coming...

    Brent talks companies.

    Naomi Oreskes and Brent Cook discuss Global Warming science.

    Jay Taylor's "Turning Hard Times into Good Times".

    Gold Exploration Panel with Brent Cook, Eira Thomas, Miles Thompson, Tim Coughlin

    Brent's distinguised panel at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium.

    Tips for Finding Juniors that Can Survive the Dust Bowl

    Brent is interviewed by JT Long

    The Upturn in the Junior Market

    In Segment 5, Brent talks with Al Korelin and Cory Fleck

    What's happening in the Junior Market?

    Brent speaks with Shelly Kraft at the Vancouver Canadian Investment Conference

    It Will Get Worse

    Vanessa Collette interviews Brent at the June Vancouver Cambridge House conference.

    Why gold miners must acquire new projects in 2015, 2016

    Tommy Humphreys interviews Brent.

    Jay Taylor speaks with Brent

    Turning Hard Times into Good Times

    Have We Reached Peak Discoveries?

    PDAC Expert Panel

    The outlook for 2014.

    Brent speaks with Alisha Hiyate at PDAC.

    Recorded live at PDAC.

    Mark Bunting interviews Brent.

    Why Juniors Stand to Beat Major Miners

    Henry Bonner of Sprott Global interviews Brent.

    Pat Beechinor of TheNewswire interviews Brent
    Brent joins a panel that includes John Kaiser and Dan Oliver.

    Segments 6-8.

    Brent Cook Shares His Rules for Weeding Out Flaky Companies.

    Brent speaks with JT Long.

    Andrew Duncan speaks with Brent Cook

    A look at the junior resource sector.

    2014 will be tough; 2015 much better

    Brent speaks with Bridgette Anderson

    The junior market, plus mining's future.

    Al Korelin talks with Brent

    Brent talks junior mining markets today and for the year.

    Mining Minutes with Alex Letourneau.

    Commodities update: Gold, Platinum

    Brent speaks with Shelly Kraft (Stock NewsNow) at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

    Juniors to hit a Fiscal...Wall?

    Brent and Daniela Cambone discuss the fiscal wall the junior explorers face going into next year.

    Mining Panel, including Brent Cook, Brien Lundin, Rick Rule, et al.

    New Orleans Investment Conference

    Do NI 43-101s Provide a False Sense of Security?

    Karen Roche interviews Brent Cook.

    Second Quarter Writedowns Worse Than We Thought

    Mining Minutes with Alex Letourneau.

    Brent speaks with Jay Taylor about mining stocks.
    A Major Miner will go Broke Soon

    Cambridge House with Bridgette Anderson

    Brent Cook emphasizes the future importance of project generators.

    Brent speaks with Al Korelin

    Much more consolidation is coming.
    Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp are interviewed.
    600 Juniors to Disappear from Scene by June 2013

    At the Bar: Daniela Cambone speaks with Brent, Simon Ridgway, Doug Kirwin, Graham Brown et al. at PDAC

    Brent on Market Call Tonight
    Segment 4-- Al speaks with Brent Cook and Simon Ridgway

    Kereport-- Weekend Edition

    Junior Golds: Clean Out Your Portfolio And Hunker Down In 2013

    In association with the Financial Post

    Risk, Honesty, And A Cutthroat Vancouver Junior Mining Scene.

    Brent talks with Tommy Humphreys

    Identifying the Right Properties

    SNNLive Wall Street View with Shelly Kraft

    One third of junior miners are going to go away

    Brent speaks with Bridgette Anderson at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

    How to Turn Rock(s) into Money

    Brian Sylvester interviews Brent.

    Tips for picking companies with potential

    Brent discusses investment strategies at the New Orleans Investment Conference with Scott Gibson

    Brent and Al meet at the San Francisco Hard Assets show

    What's ahead?

    Brent speaks with Jay Taylor
    Is Too Much Money Wasted in Mining?

    Brent Cook "At the Bar" with Mickey Fulp, Daniela Cambone, and Tommy Humphreys.

    I Don't Go in and Out of Stocks: Brent Cook

    Brent talks with Tommy Humphreys at the Cambridge Toronto show.

    Few Good Junior Projects

    Quinton talks with Daniela Cambone at the Denver Gold Forum

    Not Enough High-Quality Deposits

    Brent speaks with Daniela Cambone at the Denver Gold Forum

    Winning!. . . in 2012

    Ellis Martin with Brent Cook

    Brent Cook on Takeovers in the Market

    with Scott Gibson

    Market Predictions for the Summer

    with Scott Gibson at the June Cambridge House Conference

    Brent and Al discuss the resource market.

    Kereport Weekend Show: segment 5

    How to pick a Junior Miner

    Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker, interviews Brent

    Brent speaks with Jonathon Roth about the junior mining space.

    Cambridge House World Resource Investment Conference, Vancouver

    Brent's Presentation from the Subscriber Investment Summit, Toronto

    Turning Rocks into Money

    Junior Mining Stocks and Commodities- Part 1

    Brent speaks with Mark Bunting and takes caller queries.

    What I Look For in a Junior Mining Company

    Brent speaks with Jim Puplava

    Effects Producing Major Mining Companies Have on Junior Resource Sector

    Brent talks with Shelly Kraft at the Cambridge House 2012 Palm Springs

    How to play the gold mining sector.

    Brent speaks with Dominic Frisby of the GoldMoney Foundation.

    Fatal Flaws and Opportunities in Gold Investing

    Brian Sylvester interviews Brent.

    At the bar-- PDAC

    Brent speaks with Daniela Cambone and Mickey Fulp in Toronto

    Junior Mining Stocks and Commodities- Part 1

    Brent speaks with Mark Bunting.

    Brent discusses his recent trip to the Middle East

    Segment 7- Al Korelin speaks with Brent

    At the California Resource Investment Conference

    Brent talks with Al Korelin

    Two geologists and a reporter walk into a bar... Indian Wells, California

    At the California Investment Conference-- "Calling a spade a spade."

    Why Junior Mining Stocks Represent the Best Value in the Gold Mining Space

    Brent speaks with Jim Puplava

    Two geologists and a reporter walk into a bar... Vancouver

    Vancouver, January 2012

    Brent Cook sees opportunity in junior mining rout.

    Brent speaks with Alisha Hiyate

    Exploration Insights

    Brent talks with Bridgette Anderson at Cambridge House, Vancouver

    Brent looks towards 2012-- segment 6.

    The Korelin Economics Report Weekend edition

    The dichotomy of metal prices and the stock market.

    At the New Orleans Investment Conference

    How to Improve your Odds

    Karen Roche talks with Brent at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

    Brent speaks with Al Korelin about hard assets, stocks, and precious metals.

    Korelin Economics Report Weekend Show

    Two geologists and a reporter walk into a bar...New Orleans

    with Daniela Cambone and MIckey Fulp

    Brent and Al Korelin discuss politics and permitting issues in Latin America.

    The Korelin Economics Report-- Weekend Show

    Two geologists and a reporter walk into a bar...Toronto

    with Daniela Cambone and Mickey Fulp

    Exploration Insights
    Brent Cook-The Discovery Life Cycle of Junior Mining Companies

    Kitco Gibson Capital

    Brent Cook: $1,600 Gold=Big Money for Mid-Caps

    A Streetwise Report

    Colombia and the Yukon

    Brent discusses Colombia and the Yukon with Al Korelin

    Rick Rule & Brent Cook: Gold Correction to Bring Pawnbroker Paradise

    A Streetwise Report with Karen Roche

    Rick Rule & Brent Cook: Clean Energy Smart Investments

    A Streetwise Report

    Brent Cook: Industrial Revolution Redux

    with Mike Norman,

    Easy Money and Hard Choices
    High margin deposits the key to future junior acquisitions

    What Brent Cook looks for in juniors

    PDAC 2011

    Dominic Frisby talks to Brent in Toronto

    Junior Takeovers and What Acquiring Companies are Looking For

    (starts at 24:30 in) Financial Sense with Jim Puplava

    Segment 5: Investing in companies exploring in Mexico

    The Korelin Economics Report

    FSN Metals Update

    Financial Sense with Jim Puplava

    Jim Puplava, Interviewer
    Confusion will be this market's Epitaph
    ...the Rocky Road to Riches
    Where have all the gold mines gone?

    Given the declining global gold production, mining companies’ demand for reserve replacement and the acute dearth of new gold discoveries, there is no doubt that real economic discoveries will be exceptionally valuable...the opportunity for stellar profits is the best it has probably ever been. Identifying the few successes, however, will require vigilant and constant technical assessment of geology and drill results, always with an eye to mine economics.

    Turning rocks into Money

    Geologist Brent Cook, editor of Exploration Insights newsletter, has earned a reputation for recognizing which juniors have the best chance of beating the odds and where rocks have the greatest potential for producing profit. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Brent shares some of his insights about which juniors have upside potential in this volatile market. Brent has examined properties in more than 60 countries and learned the investment side of the business from master Rick Rule.

    Rocks and Stocks

    With feet planted on the ground and eyes trained on balance sheets, professional geologist Brent Cook has earned a reputation for recognizing which juniors have the best chance of beating the odds and where rocks have the greatest potential for producing profit. Cook is Editor of Exploration Insights, and in this exclusive interview, shares some of his insights with The Gold Report readers.

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